Tips for the kitchen

Hi all,

In the next edition The Parkinson (our membership magazine) we are going to be running an article on tips and hints for managing in the kitchen. 

I was just wondering then if anyone had strategies for preparing food, making a hot drink or cleaning up after cooking, or any other aspect of being in the kitchen, they'd like to share?

Thanks in advance!


I am looking for something to carry drinks to the garden down stairs.

I need some thing like the old fashioned milk bottle holders which will hold mugs.  Can anyone help?.



Hi i have purchased a drink holder for using on a boat, this holds 4 cups/mugs or even glasses. I think they are for sale in any chandlers (i got ours from the boat show)  or maybe on amazon. I find it really helpful also i have a small battery operated knife useful for veg, fruit etc, its not very powerful but i can't live without it!