Tips on living with Parkinson's to include in Parkinson's UK booklet

Hi all,

My name’s Jennifer and I work as an editor at Parkinson’s UK.

I’m updating our ‘Tips and hints for people with Parkinson’s’ booklet at the moment. It’s made up of lots of quotes from people with Parkinson’s and their families, friends and carers, giving all sorts of tips and advice about living well with Parkinson’s.

You can see it at:'s%20(PDF%2C%201MB).pdf

I’m planning to keep a lot of the tips the same, but wanted to ask if there’s any you think we should add? I’m looking for tips around:

Getting dressed
In the bathroom
Eating and drinking
Home safety
Bedtime and sleep
Keeping mobile
Good gadgets
Staying positive
Taking medication

…and anything else at all you’d like to share that you think might help someone else.

You can post below, or feel free to email me – [email protected]

Thanks in advance for your help!