i never seem to not be feeling tired......sometimes I wonder whether Madopar is actually working,

I need to become more physically avtive, it seems when at home...I find the effort of getting on with daily activities so difficult. 

Does everyone experience the constant wanting to rest and sleep, I just feel like I have fast forwarded to old age, am slow in just getting on.  My hand control/fingers have changed, I frequently drop items and as I reach to move something etc. its like the desire is there but the brain has forgotten how to move that object, its like being a baby or small child trying to learn a new trick....but I notice it all of the time. 

Tremors have improved, but my pain in my hip and leg and neck stiffness are all there. 

I really enjoy the Forum and appreciate you all sharing ...I go on here frequently. 

I was diagnosed in April...so not too long ago.  I am emotionally a lot more stable, but in other ways I still feel like I was hit by something and am still wondering what happened. 

Yesterday I had a breast check..2nd this year, everything normal...was worrying and getting anxious.

Today 1.30pm mtg with physio at the hospital...really am so tired, but I need to go because my neck could do with help.

Hi Het

April's not so long ago, so you're bound to still be all in a whirl physicallly and mentally. It'll take time to settle your meds down (and the side effectcs can inlude fatigue). And PD itself can cause fatigue. And it isn't nice, it it, feeling slammed most of the time.

i generally find that if i can do something physical then I'm tired it does help. (But only a bit, and too much doing stuff just wore's me out again. . . .


Semele (as you can see I'm just off for a snooze0


  is       Hello Het, classic PARKY symptoms youve got there,I have been told by the great and the good that I must do more exercise, so I try and do more execise, and two  minutes later I am in agony, my lower  back, legs neck shoulders, the pain  is so bad tears roll down my face, so I stop, you will have heard of aversion therapy, where pain or some kind of unpleasant action is used to prevent some sad individual from carrying out some kind of nasty or wicked act, well pd does that to me and using pain is for me a great inducement to stop whatever It is I am doing and the saying, no gain without pain, simply does not apply here,  and yes I am constantly tired and fatigued, also breathless, and if you throw in  a large dollop of memory loss, well need I say more, I am sitting down in pain  and I dont know why or how I am in it,, pain that is, its the first time in my life pain has actually made me laugh, I GO THROUGH THE PAIN BARRIER and realise parky cannot turn it up any higher so I pour scorn on the evil evilenity, BRING IT ON YOU CANNOT BEAT MEand after two minutes its gone, strange isnt it. Oh I got a phone call today from NTGH  asking me if I would do one of my talks to the young medics,on Monday,which I have agreed to, if I can remember where the hospital is.  that is.                     Kindest  Regards                 FED

Dear Het,

have just read through you profile,  You;ve been through a tough time.

However it could well be that the depression and anxiety over the previous years was linked with the PD.  Glad you souht counselling help.  When I had the result of my DaT scan the nurse commened that it looked as if I'd had Parkinsons for years.

I have had other health issues but am aware of the fatigue and cope with it by having naps, I set the alarm so that I dont sleep for longer than an hour.  Bit older than you - 68.  I wake 6.30ish to take some meds and often have a sleep from 8.30, with the dog!

My diagnosis is almost 2 years ago and I was in shock for weeks, horrified - that was the word I used.

Memories of Portslade - late 60's I lived in Brighton and then Hove, worked for the then Panorma holidays. 

Am so awarw of how the smallest stress can set my left hand juddering - I think of it more as a judder than tremor. And as you can see it affects the way my left hand types.  That was one of the first things I noticed, along with the fact that left arm stopped swinging when I walked.

Have just been reminded that I ought not be using the computer before going to bed.

So sweet dreams Hetty.









The need to rest and sleep is a constant in my life but I have found that keeping occupied has helped me overcome the sleepy moments, I don't overdo it but as long as my mind is active it helps. The more I used to think about being tired the more I felt tired. I try not to nap during the day as it affects my sleep at night ( I don't sleep well at night as it is).


Calmax gives me energy. It’s a natural anti-depressant, it helps to overcome depression, and tiredness also goes away.