Tired Heavy Legs

Hello all


I wanted to ask  you a question about walking in general most days now when I walk I will get like a cramping type pain in my left leg it feels like the top of my thigh but seems to radiate down my leg.

I have to stop and rest and sometimes the pain goes and sometimes it stays It feels very uncomfortable and is like having concrete in your legs the more I try to overcome it the heavier and more tiresome it seems to go.Today it was both legs and it was only a short walk around the shops. I found I was walking a lot slower than normal and normal for me ain't quick at all.I can tell you that I am on 1mg of rasagiline and 8mg of Ropinirole prolonged release tablets. while I appreciate no one can give medical advice if anyone can advise me should I be on a higher dosage or something else as well fellow parkinsons can perhaps comment on there own experiences.Thanks in advance for your help............Paul

hi Paul


I dont know what the answer is but you have just described my symptoms exactly. In fact its my worst symptoms of Parkinsons that and fatigue i am taking 125mg Sinemet 5 times a day and Entacapone 5 times  day. But not getting any relief. My symptoms are such that I have a wheelchair to go any distance.All the best Parkypete

Do you have a Parkinsons nurse Paul? If so she should be your first port of call. I have been getting the same symptoms just lately. I stoop and shuffle and sometimes freeze in doorways, looking like a typical PD sufferer. I am not due to see nursie until August so I will probably have to speak to her on her telephone hotline. 

Have you tried support socks/stockings? I don't wear them all the time but there are days when they help. You can get the mild ones they sell as flight socks in most chemists.

Thank you for your help I will put in to practice all you have said yes I do agree pains in the legs are proballly the worst symptoms because when you have to stop and rest and things are nothing like they were mobility wise its a big wake up call that we are suffering from a life changing illness were as just as an example when your hands shake although part of the condition its just an annoyance rather than debilitating............Paul