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Hi hope your all well . So tonight I can feel my hands shaking and my head too not feeling so great either fell really light headed and sick and the new symptom is I keep dropping things I was never like this before and not knowing what is the cause of this until I see the neurologist September is really annoying me I know some of the symptoms are a cause of fibromyalgia that ido have . But even the gp says I have some worrying new sympoms I never used to have hand tremors all the time like I do now or tremor in my head /neck nor did I struggle with balance so much and gripping things I know ppl say not to worry but I do have family member with PD that's why is being questioned but I do worry that my new symptoms are being to take over what I can do Iike writing g I know struggle with memory and texting ppl and remembering ppl names also sayimg somthing my brain isn't this king or not making any sense at all . I just want the appt to hurry so I can get a better understanding of this and weather it is PD or not .
Thank you so much for.your kind words they've been a comfort to me . This morning feel.slightly better nut hands are still.the same I guess your right I just need to rest . I work full time with young children I find work really helps.the my mind of things but I do.get really bad days were I'm in my own world and find it.hard to concentrate . My main concern is how long if ?? I do have PD will I be able to.work for I know that's a question for the drs . I suppose I'm gonna have to sit back and chill. Till my appt amd then hopful ill get some answers . Well you take care and one again thank you x


Me too, I drop things quite often. I think in my case that carpal-tunnel syndrome is the culprit. The pain caused by this condition becomes worse at night when I am trying to sleep, does this sound familiar?

Take care.

Thank. So much I sure will.turn.to.the forum if I'm. Feeling. Down I suppose your right the appt.will be hear.sooner than you.think. I do find my.job so.comforting. at.times.amd is.very greatful.for.the opertunity to.be working. Amd with young children they certainly do take my mind of things. You tale care x
Hi yes I do.get pain my hands too and wrist but I've. Also.got fibromyalgia so it's hard to.tell whats causing I find when my tremors are bad my grip is bad and I'm dropping things more often .
Thank. So much I sure will.turn.to.the forum if I'm. Feeling. Down I suppose your right the appt.will be hear.sooner than you.think. I do find my.job so.comforting. at.times.amd is.very greatful.for.the opertunity to.be working. Amd with young children they certainly do take my mind of things. You tale care x
Hi kev I've not been good was off wrk for 2 weeks as i did my back I already have problems with the discs and arthritis in the lower discs which I have injections for but it seemed to off got worse.also.my tremors. Are not.much better and I've found my writing to be really bad at times and I keep dropping things too but other wise I'm doing.ok just waiting for.my appt this Mont to see what they think . I do hope your ok take care
Hi kev thank you. So much your words have gave me great strenthen to keep.going and think posative . I can't wait for this appointment so I can put.my.mi d at ease I'm sure what they say things will make sense and hopfully they can help.with this and make life a bit better for . And can control some of.my symptoms . I do make my self.laugh at.times as I never know what myin ever thimks or what's to.do.let alone my.family my daughters do laugh at the things. I.do.and say as lately my mind never seems to let say what I want to say and I seem to do the weirdest of things at times but as you say what doesnt kill me willake me stronger . Thank your for kind words again and take care I she let you know how the appointment goes x mandy
Thank.you.for.your reply they do help.me.to understand more and yes your right half.of what I write or text never make sense I offer get told by my mum or sister what are talking about didn't understand that text . And often I get frustrated with myself and have found myself.get rather upset. But then I try to see the funny side like the other morning the dam spoon wouldn't keep still enough for me eat my cereal and every time I picked some.more up.it feel.again . I suppose I'll get used to my new way of.life and my shaky hands . You take care mandy
Hi kev I did laugh at your post about the coke bemg flung over a total stranget it was only yesterday I was at the local hospital withy daughter who's been really ill . Decided to have soup.which was a bad idea as my hand wouldn't let me eat it properly and the lady sat at the table opppersit kept looking at me try to hold my left hand still with my right as my daughter sat there laughing . I did want to shout out its not my.falt my dam hands don't want to do what I want them to . I come from England and weve just had our first day of fall . In some ways pepole think I'm weird but I love the winter days on my sofa in the warm watching a film . As I can't stand the summer time it always ways makes me feels so drousy and tired . But I do enjoy how things do brighten up in the sunlight . But guess I love winter coz I can hide away from the world and be myself in my home . Well do take care and I'll keep you informed how my appt goes .
Hi kev I come from London in England we've just come into autumn hear so the weather's a bit funny one min it's hot then it's cold . Tommorow us my appointment in one way I'm happy to be going and on the other hand I'm very nervous at what I'm might be told as to weather it is PD I have or what but I guess I have to keep an open mind as to weather it is or not what ever way . I just hope I get some answers as life can be difficult at times and trying to exsplain to friends and family what's can very hard as it not their falt they don't understand me I don't expect them to as they live in my body or mind but I'm hoping tommorow will give me some answers . You take care and enjoy your walks they sound so relaxing for you . If only it was quiet and chilled were I lived but London cab be very busy and noisy but I guess at times I'm glad to be 110% deaf between both ears so I don't hear things as good as I used to . It drives my kids and they call me so many times and I still done hear them . Speak soon take care
Hi well I've had my appt can't say I am none the wiser as to knowing much yet the dr is not sure if it is PD he's going to do the DAT SCAN and a MRI SCAN to see he agrees my symptoms are worrying and are causing a lot.of physical as well as mental problems with me he has said that he thinks I've possably got some form of brain function disease but what that is we don't know yet until we've had the test as you can imagine I just want to know what it is so I can come to.terms with things life has been so different recently and things are a struggle at tmes and not knowing what it is that's causing it is really stressful. As much as I've been told not to worry you.still do. Because I don't know if I'm looking as some.medical issue that's going to alter me.compleaty or will I be able. To carry on as I am . The dr has said that he thinks it is wise I see a team if neroulogists for regular check ups and have some form of physio to re train all my fictions and help me regain some life back t9 my self . But I guess I'll have to be patient again and wait for my scans and se the results but until them I'm gonna try and enjoy life with my family and TRY not to worry . Well you.take care thank you for your support over last few weeks .
Hi kev your words do comfort me when I come o hear well my 2 mri scans are the beginning of November so the quicker I get the done the better as I'm not too keen on having them done but I know I need them to find out what wrong. Well yesterday was a bad day decided to go for breakfast with my husband think I picked the wrong day as my tremor in my hands were so bad my husband had feed me at this point I did laugh as my water went down me and my beans were flying of the plate . I mean u do laugh at what u do but I felt so useless and just wanted to scream or cry but seem to of found the funny side . It's times like this you just wish you could be healthy again and be your old self but you know your never gonna be I just have to learn to like my new self and be happy with life even thou it's served me some rubbish times . And the past few weeks have been quite rubbish last week one of my daughters were in hospital. With an adrenal crisis . 2 of my daughter have a a raer genetic condition that makes them very ill any childhood illness and infections can make them twice as ill as a normal.child amd they become very ill to the point that they are tacky cardiac and very dehydrated so as you can imagine were not shy with our illness or conditions . I also have a sister who has MS so times can be hard but we are a family that help one another when we need it life's so precious to us I suppose we have to be greatful that we could be wrose and there are 9thers out there worse than us but ou have to think.of you and make sure your ok . Well I won't go far ill keep in contact with my progress and appt . You take care x

to both Kev and Mandy


It sounds like you might want to investigate what is out there to talk to your computers instead of typing? There are programs out there for speech recognition, which might help you both?

Good Luck to you both and Mandy keep drinking plenty of fluids! Body needs it to do basic functions. Take care of yourself amongst the chaos

Hi I agree with what u say it would help.and I think that's what the dr is.going to.offer me but not until I've had the test and got the results back . He's going to put on a lot.of.programs that will help.allE function better . Thanks for.your reply
Hi kev someday's can be so frustrating and not be able to understand why I'm like I am until I've had my results back then can understand what it is I ha E and learn to deal with it . Some days my pain level is so bad bit still carrie on go to wrk full time bit how.long will I be able to.do that I live my job it takes my mind of what's going on but even at wrk my body takes over I'm just glad my wrk colleuges understand me . Any way well done on the toy you. Should feel.proud of yourself well take care x
Hi kev your little dreams sound fantastic I'd love a device to show pepole what it's lime to live a day in our body or for pepole.to experience what we have go through just live a normal life well whays normal to us now . Some days can be so hard and i do struggle to understand myself what my body is doing but I suppose I have to accept t and live life as happy as I can . Take care
Hi kev what a wounderful.story sounds amazing were you live I'd love to live some were peaceful like.that some days I struggle.with the amount of noise and pepole in England can be very stressful . I've already decided few years back when I'm older I'm moving to the country for.some.chill time . Well.you take care
Hi it's nice to hear from.you. Sorry to.hear things haven't been.good.for.you. I do.hope. things are getting better well.as better as you can be . Well I've had me MRI scan and got a date for my DAT scan on the 25th of this month . So I'm hoping once the resilts are in then ill.no a.bit more as to what path I'm possably going down well once I know.I'll let. You.know . Take care x

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                   How are you long time since I posted you hope you are doing alright , winter is upon us now we have snow and it does no good for parky ( moaning already ) you are probably enjoying good weather you lucky man , it's pretty late so am off to my bed  take care kev regards to Mrs kev as well 

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