Hi all
It is a while since I have been on the site as I had bad news in March.the lump in my breast was cancer so I have had a mastectomy. I was doing really well from this until I started the Chemo. I have only had one session but I feel drained ,my tremor is worse and I feel weak down one side as I did prior to the medication. I am on Pramipexole, Azilect madapor. Anyone else had any problems with chemo and PD
Hi wifit

I had breast cancer and went through it all like you, but did not know at the time I had pd. I could not seem to recover and it was put down to depression till I was diagnosed with pd. I always felt the chemo boosted the symptems and there seems to be a link with cancer and neuro diseases as I know of people who have both. The tiredness will go and I hope you feel better soon. I found a semi-vegetarian diet a great help as meat protein slows your system down.
Best wishes