To Bite or not to Bite

Hi does anyone else suffer from biting their mouth front and side and tongue when eating. I seem to be doing it all the time. My mouth gets awfully dry and should have more saliva I have been told rather than go dry. The biting my inside lip on the bottom is taking longer to heal.
It's very uncomfortable to have such a dty mouth all the time . My husband had the same trouble . He tends to suck a hard sweet to help , you can also get sprays or lozenges from the chemist . My husband s trouble to the extreme at the moment with drooling and build up of saliva , difficult to know which is the worse . Sorry I can't be more helpful ..
Hi Gloriana
I suffer from biting side of mouth and tongue.this is when I'm eating also choking on food that I can't smell or taste.pd biting has had a effect on me I'm now eating less because after the nine time you bite you give up.mine is to do with the muscles not working together while eating and swallowiing .i always have a glass of water ready at meal times.
Hope this helps

I've developed a problem with biting my lower lip on the inside whilst eating. It's been going on for a while now and is gradually getting worse; i.e. more frequent and doing more damage. In my case it's not down to a dry mouth, in fact I seem to have the opposite problem because over the same period I've noticed an increasing tendency to inadvertently spread saliva around the outside of my mouth, on my cheeks and chin. I guess that it's a symptom of deteriorating control of the facial muscles.

Yet again I dont know why I have avoided the forum for so long, Ive revisited today to learn that what I thought was personal only to me is a problem others are having also. I recently mentioned to my wife that I was biting my lower lip and cheeks on a regular basis whilst eating. This has now progressed to my tounge, wow I thought it was just me never thought it could be the PD. I did mention this to my consultant but he did not seem to think it was connected, Im seeing him again on wednesday Ill bring it up again, thanks guys....

I recently starting biting my lower lip when I chew on my right. And despite my full concentration to chew ‘normal’ somehow I keep biting my lip. I might get 10 good chews in, maybe start to feel confident, then a sharp pain in my lip as my teeth crunch down on my lip. Happens since about 3 weeks ago. I checked with the dentist and my bite is fine. Up until 3 weeks I had no issue. I mean I would chew gum too for hours on left and right side, all was fine. My only solution is to chew on my left side.