To define courage

I often read the stories on this Forum and many bring a tear to my eye, now I know some will think I am going soft in the head, well I am not and the reason is this, we , that is you and I all of us are in a war, a war with a invisible enemy it is a war of attrition for Parkinsons does kill and kill at a increasing rate oh it might not kill with the  more dramatic  instantly lethal heart attack or stroke but it makes you dead just the same,and that made me think ,if we genuinely put our minds together as one entity and focus upon the enemy maybe just maybe we can bring about a medical breakthrough , there are millions of people with this disease and they are terrified by the likely ongoing destruction for which we do not as yet have the magic bullet , the one weapon that will take out all the most terrifying Neurological illnesses Parkinsons Alzeimers Dementia Motor Neurone all of these horrible crippling gutwrenchingly  terrifying paralysing diseases and you know when I read your mail I am humbled by your courage its a unique courage for the battle is taking place inside your heads and the mark of true courage is in these pages for all to see , all of you are right now fighting for your stability your ability to think logically you are trying to walk through a open doorway but are frozen to the spot or desperately trying to get out of bed and get to the loo and you are totally imobile or in the middle of a supermarket you begin to lose control of your bowels and the facilities are 30mtrs away ,then there are the aliens who invade your mind when you sleep the visions of creatures only ever seen in the most evil horror films,, the tactile visions which not only you can see but feel walking up the bed towards you the very bed you are lying in .a place where you should be able to rest and feel safe, a sanctuary allowing escape from the day time war with the BEAST PD yes I know what you are going through and I feel your fear and terror but above all these things I feel your courage and it empowers me , last night for instance the alarm exploded into my sleep awakening my three brain cells ,it was time for my drugs 4.30am I turned over and there was Dad standing just a few feet away, at least I think it was Dad but I could not see his face, my Father died almost two years ago and he has appeared to me so many times I have no fear I have learned to face up to all of the above , the BLACKHEARTED EVIL of PD  it can eventually kill me yes but I know you are all out there facing your own particular wicked personal torture and I know you will win through and outwit and defeat the pig that is causing your fear. as I said if only we could harness this huge reservoir of courage and sheer strength of character maybe we can crush Blackheart for all time.

                                      Have a peacefull dreamless night or day

                                           Kindest Regards     Fed        ps I shall be thinking of you all at4.30am