HERE WE GO AGAIN at last count i had 99 post to answer or read but guess what only two show as updated and to top it all the last three post i have try to display have vanished. FED UP HAD ENOUGH this is causing me stressevil these problems have been going on for long enough nothing ever seem to improve on here apart from our knowledge. SO I QUIT I QUIT I QUIT delete my account from this forum with immediate effect.



bettyblue, thank you for flagging this up. Please be assured your technical issues will be passed on to our website team. I understand your frustration and don't want you to be stressed about this. You are an extremely valuable member of our forum and it would be great if you could reconsider deleting your account.

With best wishes,


Moderation Team.

how long will it take before its dealt with thought the website team have known about the to many post issue for months.




I have 206 new posts, but looking at the board, there is in fact only 6 new posts in 48 hrs. Just look at the board. ignore the 'new' posts.

The new posts thing seems to cause endless sea angler just get rid of it!

I have never used it.

I go to forum,  Active posts and then latest post.

Then I backtrack to the last one I read.



I do exactly that too. In fact, until all the recent complaints I had never noticed the new posts bit. 


Hi bettyblue

We've come back on this before and I'm sorry that we haven't been able to solve the problem as quickly as you would like to see. And we're also sorry that this is causing so much stress for you.  But it will take a bit of time for this to be resolved.

As others have said, there are workarounds to this problem. If you would prefer not to try one of these, we can of course suspend your account as requested and let you know when the problem has been fixed.

Please confirm this is what you want us to do?



Hi Ezinda,


It's not just the qty of post it is the disappearing ones that really get to me,why is it taking so long abd can you give me  idea of how much longer.


regards BB

Too many posts spoil the broth anyway!!

Just log in, go to forum then onto active.

You'd be in a right lather if we still used the old system that showed the total of posts by each member.

As Del Boy used to say..........You'd be a millyonnaire by now! know who!eek

Hi bettyblue,

As for the disappearing posts, it is really difficult to fix this one as there have been various reasons for it over time. The forum issues post gives some tips about the different things you might try to alleviate this problem. Have you read this and tried these fixes?

I can't really tell you when the post count problems will be fixed. We are in the midst of doing major development on the website right now and as much as we would like to have all be perfect with the forum, this issue is a minor one. I'm afraid that development will take priority over the post count issues. 

I'm really sorry to hear how frustrated you are about this but we have one team working on all the issues around our website. They must prioritise to ensure that everything gets done. 



All that money spent on re-vamping this website seems to have been wasted!question mark