To Shower or not to Shower That is the Question

To Shower or not to Shower That is the Question

I am 58yrs old 2dx .... Getting a shower fitted in my bathroom and wondering
whether to go for a cubicle (but not much room) or to put one in the bath(where
there is more room)....

Is there an issue in a Parkinson's does anybody think.... Am I likely to find using
the batch hard in the future ... on account of having to get into it over the side?

Any tips ?

Ojalahey - Andy

I don't think anyone can really answer that for you. Parky attacks us all differently and at unpredictable speeds. I was dx 2and half yrs ago, I still easily get over the side of the bath to have a shower. If I was spending on changing the room, I think I would prepare for the future, wouldn't want to do it now and do it again later. Sorry if that sounds defeatist, don't really feel like that, just don't like wasting money!

Hi,four years ago we removed our cubicle shower and replaced it with a bath and an overhead shower. However, due to a deteriation of my condition, I am now having to remove the bath and put in a walk in shower because I cannot get in or out of it without assistance. I have been dx for 11 years,of course everybody is different and your condition may not affect your ability to get into or out of the bath in the future.
I hope this gives you something to think about when making your desicion.


What about a wet room

I found since moving the house with a spa bath to a bunglow with a walk in shower wet room.i have benifeted from it so much.the bath jets helped massage me legs but getting in and out became very dificult.some people cope beter than others though and also could have a bath lift put in.

Are you likely to be staying in your present house for the foreseeable future? If you are, it is worth making a big change like putting in a shower one that can cope with whatever the future might bring you in terms of mobility.

I know that might sound a bit negative, and how long is a piece of string, but if it means you can remain as independent as possible, or avoid having to make another big change and spend yet more money adapting things it could be a consideration.

You could have a visit from the Occupational Therapist via your GP or PD Nurse who could advise you on what they would recommend for someone who might have walking or standing problems, or who needed assistance with showering.

We have a shower large enough for a stool but are in the process of having a bath with overhead shower installed. I like the bath because it seems to stop the tremors and relax my muscles. In a shower I just got chilly sitting on the stool and my legs shook when I stood up. I must say that the plumber is putting the bath in as low as possible so that the step-over is minimised - we live in a bungalow with a sprung floor so there is some spare space under the floorboards to partially sink the bath. Hub likes his shower so the bath will be alllll minne!!!
PS DX 2004 aged 55