Today I cried for me


Hi hubby. My oldest boy takes the piss
Says i should shower at the swimming pool as they have life guards
Im doing much better.
Dint know if you know. I dont have parkinsons.
I actually had a stroke leaving my left side somewhat affected with PD like symptoms
The list of my meds is endless but i am improving
But i will not leave the forum as i have made so many friends
Hope your grandson keeps you tied up for many years
Take care my friend


Glad you’re feeling better at the moment.
I heard " it’s my life" by Bon Jovi a couple of weeks ago when I was a bit down. Give it a listen. It’s a great message ;
Take care mate


A couple of days ago I was at a real low point.
I posted how I was feeling.
Was it removed?
I can’t find it anywhere.
It was a little negative perhaps but that’s the nature of parkinsons.
It’s no use pretending that we are all strong parkinsons super warriors all of the time. That gives a false impression.


Hi @Hubby,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve feeling low recently. Please remember that you can still email our helpline service if you’d like to speak to one of advisers about what you’re going through, even if you live outside of the UK. Please email us at [email protected].

Regarding your post, I don’t recall deleting any of your posts and I haven’t received any notifications from our moderators about this either. Do you know the exact date that you published your post? Please let me know so I can look into this for you.

Best wishes,


Hi @Hubby.
Was this part of the post you are looking for H ?

If just one had listened
When I tried to explain
It might have unburdened
Some of the pain

So I’ve stopped reaching out
Keep my troubles inside
It’s easier to pretend
Easier to hide

So still ill keep clowning
Keep messing about
Desperately not letting
The inside out.

The inside out.

I recall responding with an Emoji of a broken heart.
If it’s not that one H, im afraid I missed it too.



Hello Hubby - I wonder if it is the time of year or the weather, because I have been at an all time low, just crying at the least little thing, I can’t explain how I really felt or why… getting on the brighter side little by little, trying to totally snap out of it. Wished I had managed to read your poem fully to realise how you were feeling and to have been able to send you encouragement.

Sending good wishes - sheffy xx


Hi I haven’t got the hang of this site so I’m probably going to be talking to myself! I have had this dam disease for 11 years and feel things have really changed lately. My anxiety has gone sky high and I wake in the middle of the night catching my breath and shaking (great fun) I can cope with my physical problems but this horrible feeling in my brain is terrible as it stays with me all day . Anyone else feel this way ? I have been taking mertazapine 30 mg for over 2 years


Hello opal, no you are not on your own, there is always someone who will answer!
I’ve had PD for nigh on nine years now and can honestly say I have never felt like that, but we are not all the same. We all take different meds also. Perhaps you need to have a word with your PD nurse or Neurologist or ring the helpline and have a talk with someone, I don’t think you should cope with this on your own

Please see someone and take care - sheffy


Hi @opal,

I’m really sorry to hear that you are going through a difficult time with your anxiety; I agree with Sheffy’s advice, you should definitely raise this with your GP or Parkinson’s nurse. You may find that your anxiety may increase during your “off” period when medication is wearing off and if that’s the case, changes to your medication may help. We have more information on anxiety on our website here - There’s also some practical tips on how to manage your anxiety including some helpful mindfulness techniques which you can find here -

Just to echo what Sheffy has said, you are not alone and I’m confident that you’ll gain more support from the forum community. I can appreciate that the information above may be a little bit overwhelming which could potentially trigger your anxiety, so do feel free to have a friendly chat with one of our advisers via our helpline if you have anymore questions on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,