Today I cried for me

Today I cried, I cried for me
I cried for my lost dignity
I cried for all the things I’ve lost
Those little things I miss the most

I cried for me and for my pain
For things I’ll never do again
I cried for legs that don’t work right
For the hours spent awake at night

I didn’t cry for sympathy
Nor for pity, that’s not me
It wasn’t anger, rage or hate
So why this sad and sorry state?

Somethings gone
It’s gone forever
It won’t return
Never ever

I’m missing me
I think that’s why
I sometimes sit alone
And cry

It’s not my body
Not my brain
It’s not my fault
But it’s my pain

It’s like I’ve gone
I’ve been replaced
Even though
It’s still my face

What to do?
I don’t know
Put a brave face on
Keep up the show

This game of charades
That is now my life
Has to go on
Whatever the strife

So excuse me
If I take a while
Lose the chatter
Drop the smile

I’ll have a little cry for me
And nobody will have to see
Life will just continue on
Nothing different, nothing wrong

But when it’s dark
Too dark to see
I’ll have a few tears
Just for me


Aww that’s really good Hubby, just about everyone’s thoughts put into written poetry

sheffy x

You have it spot on, and said in such a lovely way. Thank you Hubby x

Brilliant stuff.

What a love ly poem awe all need to cry for our loss

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Excellent Hubby,Thanks.

Too true, reading this made me cry.

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Lovely, Hubby. And a good cry is a good thing. X

Describes it very well, my husband has Parkinson’s and I know that’s how he feels. But I have a different disability, yet that poem also speaks for me and how I feel.

Well said my man. I wondered where you had been. You deserve all these plaudits
Nice one H

Thanks everyone for the kind words…
I had a bad day and something quite trivial set me off.
Much love to you all.

Hubby, you might have cried for you but you spoke for me. Thank you so much for sharing your insight so beautifully.

That says it all. I wrote a poem in the early hours which I will post. Think it helps others with and without Parkinson’s to understand some of our frustrations and limitations

Really lovely poem, think it says a lot.

Today your words touched my heart
Your eloquent poem, clear no lies:
Thank you for expressing a hidden part
Of Parks; we share and empathise

A falsehood it’s fair to say
Because I’m not suffering every day
From shakes, freezing, muddled thoughts and fear
I’m just a wife watching my husband disappear

I know he too sheds occasional tears
As I do also confronting my fears
But move forward we all must do
And I’m thankful to share with people like you
Thoughts, fears, hopes, wishes and more
Share them here
We’ll support each other to the core
We’re here and we hear


Lovely thoughtful words. It is so good to share.

You really touched my heart.

Excellent KerryJ.
A different perspective but very poignant.

Good to let it out, pent up emotion is an expensive emotion. Lovely poem, big hug, hope your feeling better today.

What a moving sentimental poem. So spot on,I cry every day for the lost ,unrecognisable me. Robbed at 60 by Parkinsonism. Thanks hubby!