Today I cried for you

Today I cried
I cried for you
I saw you sitting
Black and blue

Bleeding from yet
Another fall
While making
Little fuss at all

At first I stopped
Just stood and stared
My mind a blank
And unprepared

To believe exactly
What I was seeing
Happening to
Another being

Friends and family
All around
Not an ally
To be found

Maybe they’d seen
All this before
Picked you broken
From the floor

To them it has
Become the norm
To see your bruised
And battered form

As I moved closer
I could feel
Your cry for help
A quiet appeal

All these people
Couldn’t see
Your pleading eyes
Was it just me?

I took too long
I know it’s true
I wanted to
Be there for you

I didn’t want
To be thought rude
Not to interfere
Or intrude

But you were
Alone in hell
I could see it
I could tell

So I sat down
And held your arm
The shaking one
And you were calm

Then someone said
" I’d watch out mate"
" I think he’s peed"
" He don’t smell great"

" It’s Parkinsons"
" We’re used to it"
" Be grateful that"
" It’s not a shit"

And how they laughed
They laughed aloud
That shameful and
Unfeeling crowd

" I’ve got Parkinsons"
I said
The laughing stopped
The faces red

You turned to me
And squeezed my arm
“They do their best”
" They mean no harm"

Then you struggled
To your feet
You shuffled off
Along the street

Entourage there
Still in place
Same blank look
Upon your face

Do they care
What you go through?
Every day
The slightest clue?

Or have they hardened
To the task?
Is it just
Too much to ask?

For somebody
To really care
When times are bad
To just be there?

So what does
The future hold?
I can’t predict
I’m not that bold

It’s one day
At a time for me
Good or bad
I’ll wait and see

But today I cried
I cried for you
My Parkinsons brother
All black and blue

A different kind
Of tears today
Lots of anger
In the way

Please don’t treat us
With distain
It adds to the
Underlying pain

A hug a kiss
Kind words and deeds
Are all this
Parkinsons sufferer needs

Apologies for the graphic language.
This was based on a true story about a family I saw at Alicante Airport.


Hi H,
That was superb.
It had me in a trance, so much so that I believed that i was there…
Great stuff

Yes excellent hubby

Hi hubby

I read your poem
I have to say
Ive never cried
Untill today

I act so strong
To strong to cry
But on my own
I cant see the sky

My visions all blurred
I feel to see
But why oh why
Cant strangers see me

If i fall im left alone
Alone alone alone alone
Why are youngters more understanding
More than others of my generation

When i fall its not pity i seek
But help to stand my legs gone weak
But teenagers offer me a helping hand
With their help once again i stand

They ask if im alright
I stand and thank them
They have earned that right
Without theur help id be there all night

But others of my age dispair
They just aint botherd or just dont care
Heres to hoping they find a cure
So others dont have to suffer anymore

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I totally agree.
The kids are alright.
Our generation are very selfish, but I believe that the tide is turning.
Nice poem. Made me think

You capture this so well. I hear the dreadful sound before I run to help my husband regain his feet in the bathroom after a fall. It takes us about 30 minutes for his muscles to regain some strength and co-ordination. But we manage.