Today I felt like


Today I went to the dentist, I go to the dentist every 6 months, i have been going to the same dentist for the last 4 yr's or more, I have no complaints about the dentists actual work. the dentist has always been fully aware I have Parkinsons, they have also always been aware  that i am on esa and pip i have shown them the paper work twice for esa (each time i have been assessed and awarded) and even when i was awarded Pip i showed them that paper work too, I have always kept them aware of my medication and i thought they were actually Parkinsons aware.,

But today 6 months since the last time i saw them I was asked to prove my status of esa and status of Parkinsons. I do not carry documents around everywhere i go and as i have given the the paper work twice for esa I was actually taken aback.

I tried to explain all of this and that Nothing had changed in the last 3 yrs I still had parkinsons, I still had esa, pip, its degenerative.

I Felt as if i was Not too be trusted, i might be deceitful, the relationship i had built up in trust with the dentist was ruined, I was asked from memory to recite my medication , list and timings to validate that I took it, i should her a card from Parkinsons uk she said It meant NOTHING.

even some chap who came out of his appointment said his wife had parkinsons.

i felt as if i was in 1930's germany, this is how the nazi's treated the Jews.

the dentist said i should take it up with some NHS Business org and that people had told her in the past they were on esa when they were Not.

Should i really be writing  as a individual? should i really be in that situation?.

Hey Sea, 

Well this sounds like a really uncomfortable situation, I'm sorry to hear that you went through that. I'd be taken aback too. It sounds to me that the receptionist doesn't seem to know much about Parkinson's and that isn't fair on you. 

Are you going to raise it with management? It seems such a shame for them to put your trusting relationship at risk, I hope you can talk it through with someone there. 

As always if you need any advice on where you stand with proving your case just let us know, I'll pass it on to the policy team or benefits adviser and ask them to get in touch. 

Hope you have a better day today. 



 Hi Kat

I felt terrible about it, for the continual reason we have to keep explaining & justifying ourselves, I  had already given them the paper work twice in the past, Isn't that enough?, surely the NHS and Gov can join the Dots, I don't and wont be getting a piece of Paper every six months confirming my status from the dwp too suit a nhs form it doesn't work that way.

i hope i have a better day too.


Aye aye sea angler 

how are you doing these days not heard much of you ? Hope your doing fine ,  our summer is three seasons in one day just now but it's a great excuse for escaping jobs ha ha ! Tooraloo

Ian ( Lord o the haggis ) 

I wish when awarded ESA they sent a card with the date of award and the date when you have your next assessment on it.  Usually in a year? not sure as first year I have received this benefit.  That way you could just present this card like prescription pre payment cards at the point of payment.  

Have been struggling to pay dental fees so now go to a dentist where they train them. so a bit cheaper.  Thanks sea angler as did not realise could get help with dental costs when on ESA  dentist knows have PD as tremor increases as drill gets closer!,

Knew about prescription glasses on ESA , so god knows why I never thought might get help with dental costs. 


Hello Mr  Angler  Sir long  time  no  post as  it  were

                           Well  I  had  no  idea  it  was   possible  to   receive monies  in   respect of  DENTAL work I recently had  a large POLAR,,  nope    THATS another  tale,  it  was  a  LARGE  MOLAR Bear  I BEAR,, oh b''@@@|r  SORRY   thats  that  tale i MENTIONED  earlier, a   large tooth at  the back of  my gob  Exx     Tracktedd, and  the  only bit  that  hurt  was the  bill £57  9shillings  and  6 pence , as  in  old money  well if  they  like  a   joke   so  do I ,  they  know I have PD  and PC  I also mentioned  P i pP

BUT  that  was  a  no  no  so  Imade  a  mental  note to  look into it but I forget  as  per   so as  its almost impossibe  to  clean  ma  munchers,   and  they  are  made  aware  of  it every  visit  can I   claim a discount of any  kind I dont  want it  for nowt  tha  knaas  but  every  little  helps+

BE    MAY  YOUR  CAMEL BE FOREVER HAPPY, I know about  unhappy  ones  oh  yes Sir  and Polar  Bears

                               BE   GOOD  KIND   AND HAPPY  MR  ANGLER



  Hello  TEE  HEE,are we  still on  4 the 4th  of  julie,,I am  sorry  you  are  having  trouble with  your  oral destruction  specialist   I WAAS  not  aware  of  discounts  for  us  parkinsiminees,  and  its  hard to give  and  reply  when  youve  a  gob  full  of  TOTRange  stainless  steel,did  you  know you can have a difficult  tooth  extracted  with a teeeensweeensy particle  of  semtex, oh yes Mam there  were  a  few  mishaps as  can  be  expected,,but  wont  go  there ,  and when  the   guy  doing the bang  is  hiding  behind  bullet  proof  glass wearing  KEVLAR,  it  must  be  worrying  for  the  patient  would  you  agree

                                      YOUR  PAL  FED4


Hello Fedex,

All this time I have never considered semtex !   how stupid am I , well REALLY need for extractions but removal of old fillings would be good to just blow the middle out of the tooth, will ask next appt.  I do love being the patient for a trainee , (as long as supervised)

  Have been using Tippex to whiten my teeth as cheaper, sometimes follow the highways van , incase they have any of that white line paint spare. If all else fails there is always the cricket club.

What a motley crew , humour off at a tangent , love it.   see ya soon Fedex