Today`s Daily Mail

Ive just read this article in the Good Health guide from today`s Daily Mail.

A sudden adrenaline rush may help tackle Parkinson`s disease.
Reports suggest symptoms improve in dangerous situations.
One theory is that adrenaline boosts blood flow to the brain.

I tried it out myself earlier today.
I glanced across the breakfast table and remarked to my wife that I thought she was letting herself go a bit, and that she needed to go on a diet.
The bad news is that I can report no immediate improvement in my Parky symptoms.
The good news is that the surgeon has managed to remove the marmalade jar and I`m now able to walk again.:laughing:
Loving that humour!

Should we draw a conclusion after one test though?

Any volunteers?:grin:
lol .
In order to increase my adrenaline I have accepted a job driving a large container vehicle on the Ice Road ferrying a cargo of Nitro Glycerine. I now know the colour of adrenaline.
There were some tree surgeons working at a nearby house today with all the H&S gear so I said...............I'll have that tree down in half the time, no problem.

Anyone know of a good solicitor who deals with personal injury claims, car squashing claims and more???
Try learning to fly! adrenaline, you aint seen nothing yet
I read in the Mail that to make the perfect cup of tea you had to agitate the bag.
So I shouted through to the monster-in-law "hoy !, stop farting and hurry up with that bloody tea auld yin!"
Didn't taste any better, if anything it was worse.