Toe Nails

Does anybody have a problem with toenails? Mine are gradually getting harder and starting to curl.this makes it difficult to cut unless I soak my feet first. The nails are going white and shiny. Is this due to meds?

yes, Iris.
My toenails have set off in all directions and gone white.
There used to be a free chiropody service available, but its mostly gone the way of the Dodo.

I have suffered a lot recently with brittle teeth, crumbling away quite badly (see postings under "Brittle Teeth"). I was told by my GP, my PD nurse and my dentist that this was caused as a side effect of my Sinemet Plus (levodopa), and that there was little that could be done about it unless I wanted to stop the Sinemet.

I understand that this problem can also affect finger and toe nails in the same way: they become hard, tough and brittle. My own toe nails are almost too tough to cut at all, but bits break off at random.

Suggest you raise the issue with your nurse.


Thanks for the prompt replies. Will speak to my nurse next visit and see if I can get free treatment. Hate to give up sinemet as it works for me.

Since my last post , I now have to have my nail removed. There is a wait of about three months and at least six weeks recovery. I still see the Pod. service and get my nails cut regularly. The support in my area has been great in all aspects
of my condition so I don't mind the wait.Hopefully you will all get the same support wherever you are.