"Together, Apart" Poetry Thread - World Parkinson's Day 2021

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April not only marks the start of Spring, but it’s also a month that belongs to World Parkinson’s Day. :blush: :tada:

This year’s World Parkinson’s Day which takes place on Sunday 11th April, is focused on being "Together, apart". It’s about connecting people to transform Parkinson’s, together. We’re inviting people, including the forum community, to tune in, and reach out.

Due to the success of the ‘Parkinson’s Is’ poetry thread, we want to create a similar thread on the forum to commemorate this year’s campaign. We know how unpredictable the last year has been and how togetherness has been more important than ever before. We’d like you to express this is in your poetry, what does togetherness mean to you especially over the last 15 months?

We will also be using some of the content produced on this thread to help raise awareness on this campaign via our social media channels but will ask for your consent before doing so.

We can’t wait to read more of your great poetry! :partying_face:

If you have any questions on this, please feel free to ‘@’ me and I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

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Hi Kerry
some of us poets have a monthly thread in the Social and creative section. We would welcome you to join us if you wish.


April 2021 - Social and creative / Creative corner - Parkinson’s UK Forum

@Reah Reah
I am sorry I only just noticed your message here.
This poem is about looking after my Mum and does not mention Parkinson’s but does also fit with that.
I leave my love

I leave my love in your porch
An airlock for protection
Medicines I have delivered
Hugs saved for future redemption
A promise made without expiry
Waves from window carry blessing
I leave my love in your porch

Together Apart
We reflect in the mirror
Of our recent past
Divided by the virus
Into lockdown cast
A shield of distance
A social irony
Hugs and handshakes a disguise
Of viral enmity
Our homes are our castles
We sounded the retreat
After suffering huge losses/
We have not met defeat
Online we bond and cluster
From loneliness we zoom
The architects of bridges
Built here in our room
In our darkest hour
Hope lies in wait with a jab
The key to our freedom
From a locksmith in a lab
Must banish complacency
Virus is still unseen
Apart but still together
Enhanced by vaccine


Hi @KerryJ,

Welcome back to the forum.

Absolutely! We’d love to read your poetry, please feel free to share any of them that fits the description above ,on this thread. As JonB13 suggested, we have an ongoing monthly poetry thread in the social and creative category that you’re more than welcome to contribute to.

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Thank you, yes please

Written in April 2021 after being asked several times what it feels like to have Parkinson’s!

Shuffle in My Shoes

It’s World Parkinson’s Awareness week
So I’m asking all of you,
To just think about a Parkies day,
To shuffle in my shoes!

I wake up stiff and rigid
Until meds kick me out of bed.
I stretch, I cycle to make legs move.
I clear the dreams out of my head.

My day is made up of 4 hourly bites
Between the ringing of meds alarm,
Mornings are best to get things done,
When movement smoother and more calm.

Evenings are more difficult
Carpet worn with shuffling walk,
A glass of wine sure helps me to relax,
And goes with my slurred and quiet talk!

Some days I can move freely,
Smiling wide and hold conversation.
Other days I could curl up and sleep,
Struggling with sheer frustration.

So don’t judge the stumbling walker
Or the slow person in the queue.
They may be Parkies People
So take a step in their shuffling shoe.

Kerry Hartman

April 2021

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Very well put
Thank you Kerry


Just the two of us, together forever

We vowed on that special day

And so it still is, whatever the weather

We come a bundle to stay.

Look for this bundle, two packages perhaps

Look here and there, far and wide

No need at this time to unfold all the maps

They’ll soon arrive on the tide.

Just the two of us, apart not so much

Drive straight on the road of life

Despite all the bumps, we are not out of touch

Together husband and wife.

There’s need for patience and determination,

Love and trust too, essential

To survive without extermination -

A good outcome eventual.

Just the two of us, locked away as in jail

Key glibly thrown on the floor;

We could but we don’t, just leave or jump bail

Through the old creaking door.

Wherever we are, whatever we go through,

We must act for the common good;

Our bundle is tried, and so well tested now too,

With others we DO, not brood.


Covid 19 is the pandemic

Whole wide world gone through

And still we are going through

Even in 2021 April…

Covid taught us to stay apart

But being together whilst keeping apart.

A tiny weany virus from wuhan

Which shook the entire world

Local and international restrictions

Lock down , panic buying, job losses ,

Devastated economy, worked from home

Schools closed and we all had to

Stay at home to protect the NHS

To save loves to be together.

The impact of the pandemic includes

Self isolation , social distancing

Which made us stay apart with a pain

But it helped all of us to come together.

Loss of loved ones , unable to see dear one

Leads into mental crisis…

We have seen overwhelmed hospitals

With ran out of spaces and equipments

Staff who fought against virus as heroes

Still fighting to regain the backlogs… salute!!

We learned to do virtual events

Staycations, transformation of

Our own gardens to parks

But worries , anxiety and stress

Overruled everyone including children

Whilst we were swimming in the

Darkest days of our entire life (hopefully)

The light appeared at the end of the tunnel

By our brilliant scientists… vaccine !!

Am I scared to take it, yes I was …

But did I take it, YES I did!!!

Why??? To protect me, my family & society

We’re in this together

Sadly we needed to stay apart

With a hope that we can Unite,

Celebrate together again

With our family and friends

BETTER DAYS are coming to be TOGETHER

Tincy Jose.


I look down from above
On the specks of life below,
I see figures scurry hither,
Others thither, to and fro.
No order is apparent
In that very first brief glance,
But on closer inspection,
They are joined holding hands.
Some groups large and some groups small,
Made up of links in a chain
Reinforce their combined strength
By adding yet more again.

Now I watch what happens next,
Watch each hand stretch out to meet
And grip hold of one hand more,
An amazing world wide feat.
Everyone is trying hard
To tie up any loose strands,
Ensure no one’s excluded
From this endeavour so grand.
High up here among the clouds,
My view, it becomes obscured,
Still I see how one by one,
By togetherness they’re lured.

So much more can be achieved
By us combining forces;
No matter what that dream may be,
We’ll find required resources.

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The Essence of me!

I wrote this recently inspired by a friend when out walking, I admitted to finding my mobility becoming more of an issue and she kindly said I was still ‘me’ and Parkinson’s was not going to define me.

I have been told that I have Parkinson’s,
That surely can not be true?
Just what do I see
When I look at me?
Am I really that different from you?

I see a frozen face in the mirror,
But I know what’s going on in my mind.
Just what do I see
When I look at me?
I see a beaming smile going on behind.

My joints may be stiff and awkward,
A strict meds timetable may rule the day.
Just what do I see
When I look at me?
I see an active person adapting my way.

My speech can be quiet, slurred and mumbled.
My writing can be too small to read.
Just what do I see
When I look at me?
I see a poet trying hard to succeed.

So it appears that I do have Parkinson’s,
I have to accept that in the end.
But what do YOU see
When YOU look at me?
I hope you see a true if ‘unbalanced’ friend.

Support and friendship is key, as is humour.
A positive outlook to keep going each day.
So hopefully we’ll all see
When you look at me
Someone who is keeping Parkinson’s at bay!!

April 2021


I like this poem it is very well expressed