Toilet issues and general pain

Can these be symptoms? Ive noticed over the last few weeks I never feel urgency to go to for a wee (sorry if thats too much info!) I can kinda feel I could do with going to the loo at some point but never feel 'bursting' so I just go to the toilet randomly throughout the day and am surprised how much water I as holding because it didnt feel like it. Also do many parkinsons sufferers have pain anywhere, or all over? Thank you

I cant say i'm a parky sufferer as i'm still waiting final diagnosis

But I do suffer pain.

I get  dull pain in my fingers, they are clumsy and numb most of the time, also in my arms and at my elbows a stinging pain and also in my shoulders, i get a cramp like pain in my legs and the same pain in my toes as i do my hands. In the morning when i eventually wake all my muscles ache and feel tight as if  i'd been doing the Olympic's in my sleep.

that's as best as i can explain.


Hi Suzynola7,   I don't know about your toilet issues but I do suffer urgency and have to get to the loo quickly.  In fact, a couple of times I didn't quite make it but that is perhaps too much information!   I also have to get up a couple of times during the night.  I also suffer pain, not all the time and not always in the same place.  It can be in my legs, back, neck, shoulders.  I get severe cramps in the toes of my left foot and in my left hand.  I hope this answers your question.

Thanks both of you =) I get that same feeling sea angler of having done a workout in my sleep, my muscles feel like that most of the time, very achey and sore, especially my legs, but my leg muscles are very tight so they do get pulled easily. Thanks Lexi, my toes cramp up if i bend my toes so I try not to do that! My back, hips and legs are the most sore but I do get stiffness and aching around my neck and shoulders too. I used to wake up needing the loo in the night but ive been taking advantage of not feeling like I need the loo and try to stay in bed hehe, becaue once I get up Im too awake and struggle to get back to sleep!

i find doing stretches before bed, plenty of medication during the night  (madopar, sifrol) and occasionally a little magnesium helps.

Hello  Turnip, Lexi, Suzy and last but by no means least Mr  Sea Angler.big grin

The cramp like pains you are all suffering sounds like Dystonia, a biproduct of our friend (not) parky ,the Duodopa system which is very  good at restoring life to my lifeless useless body but I have to be very careful as it  (  Ddopa- parky drugs)  if you take any of the  long list available do take care as you can activate the most powerful, and I mean powerful forces that we humans can generate, the difference is my muscles stretch and stretch and stretch and almost tear themselves from their anchor points,leaving me to hobble around for days,so please use caution when you have been napping as the pain is astronomically magilisticlyunderstatedandable, RIGHT THATS VERY SILLY IN  FACT ITS ANNYIOLOGISTICALLY SILLY SO STOP IT,sorry sorry whats left of my brain just had a storm,, sorry !

                                Kindest Regards to all     Fed cool

Yeah I was told ive got dystonia but they thought it was a mixture of neurological and psychological cause, who knows! Can you put photos/videos on here? When I had dystonia in my legs on sunday I actually filmed it for the neuro, thought I could see what you all think! It can really pull my muscles, so painful and can last for 2 weeks at a time with me!


  Hello  Suzy

                    I did  enquire about pics but only the Avatars are downloadable, I do think it should be possible to post pics but then again it will make things more complex so I do understand.

                                            Hope you are feeling better           Fed


Hi you might be able too post the video  elsewhere i.e you tube and then post a link here too that video.

if that's aloud? and reasonable too our hosts?.


           Hello Suzy

                        This might sound odd but finding something to help you relax can help, I discovered the music of composer  Thomas Newman , he composed the  haunting music for Road to Peridition, one of my favourite films, go on you tube type his name, I  guarantee you will enjoy.

                                                I wish you painfree dreams


Yeah im awful at relaxing hehe, even if I think i am my muscles think otherwise! Ok ill check that composer out :-) I love soundtracks, orchestral music, actually almost any music I love, couldn't get through work without my ipod! Yeah ok thats an idea, ill try and put the video somewhere else and link it, see what you think of my crazy feet!


  Good morning Suzy

                                Its 0.35 cant sleep, had 40zzzs at 20.00 hrs when beloved went  for a girls night out and immediately went into bad dream, it was bad my wife was well lets say she was recieving unwanted attention from three guys ,so naturally I went to her aid,as she was pinned down, now I was terrified as her screams brought others not to  help my wife but to stop me helping her I am not as strong as I was suzy so I needed a equaliser and suddenly there it was, a 9mm Glock on our new coffee table and joy of joys I  was more upset at the deep scratches on the table caused by one moron throwing a full 17 round clip down, that gave me 34 rounds and I WAS ABOUT TO MAKE EACH ONE COUNT I opened fire and was very  happy as the HV ammo smashed open skulls and chest cavities I was sceaming at the guy holding her down but he would not release her so I SHOT HIM there were bodies all around including one very large bloke on top of her I  had shot him in the back of the head, this upset my lovely lady as his skull contents were all over her new dress, I kicked him off her and got a b.....,ing for ruining her dress and of course her night out it was then I WOKE UP I fell off  the couch face first onto the floor hitting  the new coffee table and spilling a almost full cup of  er,,,well coffee It took me ages to clean it up, but at least she had a good time with her buddies  but Im frightened to sleep as  I will go back into the terror, I am listening to Thomas Newman it always works.

                                         I went to sleep at 8 and fell  on my face at  8.15

                                                   Night Terrors not good Suzy

Sounds awful Fed, I have some terrible dreams, are nightmares a PD thing too then? I wake up all the time anyway but some nights I keep being woken up by the dreams. Are you ok after your fall? I hope you got a nice big hug when your wife got in! I hate being afraid to go back to sleep =(

arrowbig grinbig grin these two are sparkies , they are rewiring part of my home and saw me composing, this post to you both have asked for your phone or e mail address, cheeky   ,,,#rs  eh Suzy

  Hello Suzy  Feds Nightmares

                        And that was a comparitively mild dream Ievetually I very slowly I recognised where I was and camed down, and the severity of the dreams lessend. I have been watching the games in scotland or GLASGOW to   be more precise I WISH was  as fit as those guys, well I  am off to get ready as I am going to that place ,,,ehhh ,,,, my memory,,, you know that bloke that has made millions opening  fitness studios,,,,,,,,,it   will come to meidea,,,,ideabig grin  GOT IT, HIS NAME Is  Jim Nasium, yeh thats his name.

                                   bye 4 now             your pal Fed   ps  hope you are pain free and hapeeee today

Hehe thats funny, did you tell them your on a parkinsons forum so they might get more than they bargained for?! Im having to go home from work cos my body was tremoring and now my hands and feet are in spasm so I cant do any work! I feel so bad keep being ill, they are understanding though and know im waiting to see a neuro. I work in a hospital so thats handy! Ive been getting very frustrated today though :-(