Do any other members have problems when sitting on the toilet.?
My husband can not open his bowels when he sits on the toilet, but has to raise his body and squat. As he is now 83 years old and over 15 stone he is finding it extremely difficult to hold his weight. He has recently had a camera inserted to prove there is nothing medically wrong. Every thing was clear. Occupational Therapy say his toilet is the correct height. I am going round in circles trying to find help.
You no doubt need advice from PD nurse or GP, they would possibly recommend a laxative. I expect you have tried that. A cup of nice hot coffee may help bowel to relax (have tried that myself (unofficial idea!).
do you have a rail that goes around the toilet you can get them without a toilet seat . We had one when my husband started getting trouble adjusting hinself on and off the toilet ..

I expect you have tried a gentle laxative my husband uses fruit cubes you can buy them at health shops and in Boots chemist . I also get him to do breathing exercises .
i eat lots of dates (20 a day!) as hate prunes, and lots of water. prune juice is not that bad either.

perhaps a foot rest would help to keep the right position?

btw lower back pain can sometimes be caused by constipation
yes I have read about making sure you keep your feet raised . Could keep a small step to use as neccessary .Will try that one out
A few pieces of dark chocol;ate helps my husband lol
I have problems like that too, and it is extremely uncomfortable and painful.I recently discovered "movicol" and can get on minor ailments fro your chemist,if not then ask the GP. I find it is a gentle laxative but most of all it is a softener I only take it 2-3 times a week. I hope this is helpful its the best thing I've tried. Good luck.
Hi everyone...having browsed the last entries on what can be a delicate subject
to say the least ..for me and no doubt for lots of you good people out there
constipation is the worst side effect of P.D...movicol..molaxole /the magic macrocol....I take it first thing in the morning an hour before taking any other meds... for me it does make the digestive process more effective
as it were.... purely personal ..mix in warm water seems to give the process a boost ( it was with the greatest relief being able to go comfortably you will be surprised as to how much can be hanging about in your system..when first using it do not stray far from toilet facilities !!

Regards to all ...keep up the good fight do not give in to P.D. Ian (M)
Boiled rhubarb for dinner - two hours later, problem gone !!
Could a feeling of lack of privacy be part of the problem ?
Hi, all.

I use an aluminium height-adjustable portable toilet surround. These can be provided free by local authorities (mine was) or purchased from outlets like Sue Ryder for somewhere between £30 and £50.

They give you a great feeling of safety and stability, and can be adjusted to your exact requirements. While you're sitting on the loo you can adjust your own hand positions if you wish, and getting on and off is much easier.

Try this link:

I have exactly that problem, fit to burst, rush to the loo, sit down, sensation gone. This can go on for days.

Other problem is monster in law. She is tuned into my bowls. If she is not in when it's time to go, she'll be banging on the door when I'm are half way through.

Not even I take as much time between flush and vacating. It is unbelievable. I'd be pacing about with my back teeth floating, then you hear the flush and for some reason my bladder thinks, "Great I can let go". That's when I reach for the jubilee clip and scream & pray 'til she finally leaves.

Oh and she always leaves the lid down, so that's another job.
It's happend this morning again.

Trousers down
Smile :grin:
{Door: Rattle Rattle}:fearful:
Bum closed:angry:
A friend of mine(yes really) who does not have Parkinson's and is not consipated has this trouble.After all sorts of tests and camera put in unmentionable places she was adviced to sit on the toilet and put her feet on a box to raise her knees.