Told you I was ill

Hi everyone. Saw my doctor on my birthday last month, finally realised the symptoms were not alcohol induced and were here to stay. Knew after web searching that the inescapable was PD.

Neurologist today confirmed PD, on my wife's birthday of all days. Need an MRI to confirm it's not some rarer illness, but already on Sinemet though I guess any effects won't kick in for a few days or longer.

I've got to 56 without seeing a doctor more than a handful of times in my adult life, so philosophically speaking I suppose I was due more than just a touch of artritis.

I feel much better knowing for sure, and hence what I have to deal with.Any suggestions no matter how outlandish on what works for you appreciated.
Welcome Chalong
Reading your story makes it sound worthwhile avoiding doctors on your birthday or your wife's birthday.
I went to see my doctor shortly after my 39th birthday in November 2004 and had my diagnosis as a late and unwelcome christmas present in mid Jan 2005.
It can take a little while for the drugs to take effect and for you & your doctors together to find the right dose for you.
The time after diagnosis can be unsettling and you can scare yourself witless (like I did) if you are not careful. You have the right attitude, you have found the forum so the only other thing you really need is the helpline no. at the top of the page.

Elegant Fowl
Thanks EF. I guess mental attitude is a big help.

Know what you mean about scaring yourself. Reading the list of potential side effects on the tablet data sheet was scary, until my wife pulled up the ones for ibuprofen on the web - they are even worse.

I feel at home already.
Ah, a Milligan fan I see. Welcome. I'm new here myself but have already had lots of lovely support. I was diagnosed in May and it was awful at first. I couldn't see past it. Now I feel much calmer and life seems do-able again. All the best.
Hello Chalong,

Welcome to the forum where you will find a lot of support and information as well as plenty of good poetry which seems to be one of the positive's in the parky world.
My husband has had pd for thirty years and is now 69 years old, I wish you well in this path of life and if there is anything in your posts that I feel able to reply and help with it will be my pleasure. You are sure to make many new friends so do post for any information you need.
best wishes
Hi Chalong
I went to the docs in nov last with a black toe nail and he noticed I was shaking sent me to a neurologist and got dx stage two pd.but like you I knew before cause I looked at the long list of non motor symptoms and I could relate to most of them.
When dx I worried and the symptoms got worse.i find now if I'm stressed they get bad but surprisingly if I go on a weekend away on holiday I've hardly any pain.also a jaccuzzi is brill for the muscles.i takes a while with meds I'm still not right yet but you've got to think that you can be worse.just a little advice if you get odd pain or muscle spasms type parkinsons in then the problem it usually brings. Something up and it stops you worrying.
All the best
Thanks foor the messages folks, appreciate all advice.

Sinemet starting to kick in now on day 7, eases the stiffness somewhat.

Unfortunately the realisation of having PD has also kicked in, bringing the odd moment of despair.

A despair at what I can no longer do as a matter of robotics like cleaning teeth and shaving, now I really have to concentrate and will the hands to work.

Do they sell positive mental attitude on ebay?
i believe on average it takes about 2-3 years to come to terms with a life change of this magnitude. dont get depressed about being depressed - its something you have to go through. as long as you respond to the meds things will brighten up. ordinary life will carry on. in some ways the hardest time can be the first few years.
Had my MRI on Monday, damned uncomfortable and felt dizzy for a day, but no real problems. Saw my Neurologist again this morning, the scan revealed absolutely nothing abnormal which confirms the original diagnosis of PD. Relieved it was not MS.

I think he has now cast me adrift with 2 months worth of Sinemet 25/100- next appointment in 2 months with the Parkinson's nurse, and my own doctor is seemingly up to date and will make future prescriptions.

Sinemet seems to work for me so far in easing stiffness, movement and dexterity. No side effects either thank goodness. I guess I'm low on the PD curve with it all in front of me.

Just got to remember to take the pills.
its interesting that more and more people are going straight on to levadopa. Dopamine Agonists seem to haven fallen out of favour a bit.
My Neurologist explained the pro's and con's of all the usual drugs but seemed to suggest the Dopamine Agonists carried the higher risk of madness (his word)!

From my own research Sinemet seems to be the closest match to my own symptoms which are movement/stiffness/dexterity.