Too good 2b true,


eye roll

            Has anyone heard of the latest treatment for PD or have I been the subject of a early 1st of April prank, if its true the prankster will still be alive at this time tomorrow,if on the other hand I  have been tricked,then its a pair of concrete wellies for the individual concerned, the treatment,ah yes, it is among the countless wondercures, and fits perfectly in the IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE THEN IT PROBABLY ISNT bracket, the wearing of blue tinted glasses , yes my friends the suggestion that wearing blue tinted spectacles may slow or control parky is doing the rounds, has anyone else been tri???d er, made aware of this miracle, bearing in mind some cretins life is on the line, blue tinted  specs hmmph.



dear fed


there was a video made year ago with someone who appeared to be cured of dyskenesia by wearing blue glasses. A supposed optician frequented this site for a while a few years ago offering  blue glasses.

i made some myself and felt they did some good, but that was not a scientific experiment.

there is some reasonable theory behind it all. they are very unlikely to slow progression.

my amateur theory is they reduce the processing the brain needs to do as  blue information needs to be integrated with red-green information. 





                T hank you for that, T , saved me from trouble.



I read about this a while back.  I dawned my "Ray Bands", this was mid winter, a rather bleak, drab day as I remember.  I made the breakfast walked smartly thru the kitchen, tripped on a dog and pebble- dashed the mezzanine wall with cornflakes and tea. 

the glasses, by the way weren't blue. However , the air was.



              I painted my old distance glasses with blue emulsion but I could not see a thing perhaps  I am  over doing the blue.  






You do crack me up . Lol, did you ruin a decent pair of sunnies just to test that thEory.?

I have to say, I did see something but didn't take too much notice in it because I sort of thought, here we go again!