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I was diagnosed 10 days ago by the neurologist. It all seemed very logical during the consultation but now I have so man questions. The more i read the more complicated it becomes. I was put onto medication but delays mean I have only just received it. The only symptom that bothers me is not being able to write. Everything else is manageable. Why would I subject myself to side efects and in particular the ‘on’ ‘off’ scenario which seems to be a big issue with taking medication? I was told the PD nurses would get in touch and I naively thought that would be immediately to help me through the initial experience of diagnosis. None the less noone has been in touch and my GP cancelled a planned appointment this week, rather wanting to see me 2 weeks after starting on meds. From what I understand everyone’s experience is different so it is hard to know whether what you read applies to your own situation. I am 55 and have had what I now know are PD sysmptoms for at least 2 years.

Hi Penguin, and welcome to our Forums. You’re absolutely right that everyone’s experience is different, so we expect you’ll get a valuable range of answers here. Be sure to also to use the handy search bar at to find information relevant to you, and please feel welcome to call our free and confidential helpline at 0808 800 0303 for one-on-one discussion and even help finding a new GP or Parkinson’s nurse if necessary. We hope you’ll find these resources helpful, along with the wonderful support that this community provides each other.
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PD provides you with ultimate challenge as every victim is different wrt symptoms and response to the different treatments available to us. The options are many but predicting the outcomes is difficult. May I recommend a good book that is comprehensive but also unusually comprehensible too.
Parkinson’s Disease
, A complete Guide for Patients and Families ISBN No: 978-1-4214-1076-1 is an American publication but pitched well and easily understood.
There are countless other publications but this one is remarkably accessible compared to most.
Everyone is different and access to professional opinion is usually limited. This means you have to take control yourself. Then, armed with specific questions you can get the best out of the limited time available to you with consultants.
Welcome to the PD club - never a dull moment! JCPB

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