Too much fatigue

I dont know how to manage much more, I do get some sleep during the night but its so broken up I never get any quality sleep, and the last week or so has seemed even worse, every day I wake up feeling worse, I dont see what I can do though cos ive never slept properly, I dont know how I can stop myself waking up all the time. I didnt do much this weekend cos a cramp pulled my calf muscle so I shouldnt be exhausted but when I got up for work this morning I felt shocking, im so tired, ive got a cracking headache, im confused, got a chemical taste in my mouth, feel sick and feverish and all my usual pains are worse, everything aches. I dont know if this is all due to lack of sleep or something else. Stupidly I went to work (I feel so guilty being off sick) but obviously im not well enough so now im going home an hour later, what a waste of time and precious energy. Sorry, im venting again but I know you all understand. Any tips are appreciated or tell me if you think how I feel today is just fatigue or maybe ive got a bug or something? X

Try Zopiclone and a spray called sleep therapy it does really help.


BB x





Hi Suzy

Really sorry you re feeling so grim. It s hard to cope when you re so tired and in pain. For what it s worth I take 10 mg of Amitriptyline at night and I sleep much better and most of the muscle pain has gone. This isn't t a PD drug so I would think your GP could prescribe it. Believe Gus takes it too.

Worth a try

all best wishes





Ok thanks BB, Ill look into it =) Thanks samdog, I did try amitriptyline a long time ago but I kept acting out my dreams and I punched myself in the face a few times! So I didnt last long on that! I could try it again maybe, and wear a helmet and face shield just in case hehe x

glad you've kept your sense of humour.


BB x

Hi Suzy

Sorry you had a bad reaction to Amitriptyline but hopefully there is medication that could help you. Can you go back to your GP for advice?

Do wish you all the best for some good pain relief



Sounds really bad

  a herbal extract huperzine A  got me sleeping. Not perfect, but i lost a lot of that desperate, zombie-wanting-to-puke feeling

think zinc helps too

The huperzine is an NMDA antagonist and an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor if that means anything. I think NMDA antagonists are given to people with PD and parkinsonism. And they are testing acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for people with PD and parkinsonism and they can help sleep but they're  not right for everyone.

looks like nothing is safe for everyone. I don't know if it would be safe on top of medications, or if it could make the rem sleep behaviour disorder thingy worse. It has a long use in chinese medicine and a good safety record generally but I don't have a way to be sure about the purity of the pills I'm buying. 

hope you find something that works for you soon







Well its either laugh or cry BB! Thanks samdog, yeah I might go to gp, I just feel silly going about yet another thing! Ok thanks rhubarb, ill look into it and check with the pharmacist to see whats ok with my meds :-) x

My husband has had PDfor 18 years and is on Sinemet and Ropinirole Slow release. He also has continuous pump infusion of apomorphine. He falls asleep standing up, while he is eating his food and practically is sleeping now for most of the day. Needs to visit the toilet at night a few times as well.his balance is dreadful and he has to hold on to things when crossing the room. But it's the sudden sleeping bouts which are the worst problem. Last week he fell down in the kitchen and banged his eye on the work top. I had to take him to casualty to be checked over. I have to watch him when he's not sleeping in his chair to make sure that he is safe. He recently changed from Stalevi to Sinemet and I am wondering if there could be a better medication for him. He is having so many falls now and sometimes hallucinates quite a lot ax well.

Hi all on the subject of sleep

Experiencing extremely vivid dreams when I did manage to get to sleep was like living another life at night and not always good dreams!

I currently take at night;

Co-Beneldopa slow Modified Release x 1 at 10pm
Amitriptyline x 1 at 10.30pm

which has really helped.

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