Took sinemet left the form

I have n,t been on the forum for awhile all that dark hole places hv described put me off I have started on line chess{compulsion maybe] but the sinemt seems to work have to go someone is on playing chess
Why did you lesve the form - were you expelled? LOL
when are you hv and when are you renaissance
Hello Gordon

I love to play chess. Preferably against an opponent sitting opposite me with a real board. I do however play many games on-line. One of the better sites is called ChessWorld. It caters for all levels up to Grandmaster, so there is plenty of competition!

Give it a try. People from all over the world are members. You can play friendly games for free or if you would like to play tournaments and achieve a game rating, then you pay a reasonable fee of £15 per year.

Check it out...mate

nice to hear from you lukey,does everyone question their decisions, is it because of p.d. or the meds.or facing the fact you have got it, or just except the fact your different now. I feel the pre,parkinsons me is still in here come to think of it I have always waffled mentally thanks forum that,s me sorted