Top Tips

Because of your hand shaking do you occasionally push the right hand button when you're using you mouse? Does an unwanted menu keep appearing?

Disable the right button on your mouse by pulling the cover off with a pair of pliers. Then use the button on the bottom right hand side of the main part of your keyboard if you need to bring up the on screen menu.The button has an icon of a page of script with an arrow pointing to it.It's often next to the Windows button.

If you have an expensive mouse you might be able to disable the right hand button in the software.

I had never used this button before!!!

:laughing: I started to use left hand instead of right and it is ok!
Anyone got any more Top Tips! How to sort out the little problems in life :smile:
We are all supposed to drink a lot of water and its easy not bother because of the risks of knocking over a glass or sloshing it down your front when an involuntary movement takes over. I keep one of those small bottles topped up with water and take it with me whichever room I am in. Keeping the lid on limits the damage if I knock it over and I can roughly measure how much water I drink in a day (which keeps the dreaded constipation at bay!)
Lately I've become a fan of Dragon Dictation. If you've got an iPhone, there is a very good app which transcribes your spoken word into text. You can use the text in an email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. For 'big' computer [aka laptop/desktop users] check out Naturally Speaking - it's worth a small investment - makes text input much faster