Top up the tank

I get " confused" to say the least. Bas Bloom and another prof were saying on a webinar that " if you need to top up your tank" ie take an extra dose of eg madopar if you have for example had a 40 mile cycle. My Parkinson’s nurse says " we don’t do that"

Oops… Trying to edit my question. It should read : if you need to " top up your tank" then do it.

This is exactly what my husband wants to do when he has an event that might require extra energy now and again. His gp did not offer an opinion on this positive or negative, but understood why he has tried this. We see parkinsons nurse this week, I expect he will get told not to do this. Watch this space

Oooo can’t wait to find out! If a world renowned expert says it’s ok…

Not true. Exercise is known for sending PWPD off. 29 years in with my husband with PD think we would know.

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Hiya, great to have some input! Thanks jeannieBeanie.

Person With Parkinsons Disease. Get yourself on Health Unlocked. Another great site as well as this one. That’s international with people from all over the world. That’s where I found out about exercise and lots of other tips. PD nurses are worth their weight in gold usually. More than the doctors because they are dealing just with PD patients. Ours gave us a great tip. Drink something with fizz in (she joked champagne) if your meds aren’t kicking in quickly enough. I give my hubby fizzy water with his.

Yep, saw nurse today. Fingers rapped for taking extra tablet without permission /assessment! However, after assessment, additional tablet now given and new timing regime. It’s an ongoing management process. Interested to read about the fizzy drink advice. Might try that!

Thanks for tips and info guys
Have you seen videos from Jimmy Choi on you tube. Very inspiring.
I am used to doing lots of sport . I am so delighted I can still take part in most of what I did before my diagnosis and subsequent progression.
I subscribe to Reach Your Peak Online. Keeps me on my toes. They give lots of advice and information, and you are in touch with many folk with Parkinson’s.
Still haven’t got any reason why experts on a webinar said it was ok to “ top up your tank” will continue to seek an answer!