Happy New Year to everyone on the forum....

I don't post a lot but I read the forum every day to see what information  and advice is out there...

So I hope 2018 brings everyone a good New Year....

Best wishes Denise


Hi All,

Like Babes Brown,I also don't post much but I do read the forum every day,I also would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018.

Hoping this year brings some new treatments. 

Cheers Anne 


Strange really, this time last year I would have never imagined that now I would be posting in a Parkinson’s forum. Just goes to show you never know what’s around the corner and you need to make the most of what you have and seize every opportunity. Thankyou to everybody who has helped me on my Parkinson’s journey so far. Happy new year to my new brothers in arms x