I find myself uncharacteristically excited, I feel this is it, the year they find the cure for PD.

Some trials are coming to their conclusion, such as Colgane. I can't help feeling that it is so close I can almost reach out and touch it.

It would be so wonderful to have this cloud lifted from over us at last and to regain lost hopes for a long and happy future.

Good luck to us all in 2013. Happy new year!!

I'll second that! Here's hoping! Lets hope it's a good year to us all.:stuck_out_tongue:
I just searched that. I couldn't find it at first - it's actually called Cogane. Looks very promising....
Lets hope so.
A cure this year would mean the world to lots of pd sufferers
Cogane? Sounds like toothpaste. Seriously, I think a cure this year is over optimistic although this could well be the decade when we will see some fantastic breakthroughs. Stem cell research is one area that looks promising.
i will pray for all of us that 2013 is the year of the parkinsons cure,resurch has come along so much over the last 12 years ive been dx,ive been to many confrences and so much is being done.fingers crossed for the cure :wink::smile:
A cure in 2013 is really way too optimistic. I do believe in Cogane. But we'll only get clinical phase II results this year. Before Cogane is on the market, it still takes 4-5 extra years. Another promising compound is LMTX. But this will probably also be on the market in 4 to 5 years for Alheimer disease. For PD LMTX has to wait another 3-4 years, but PD patients can probably get it off label if clinical phase II trial for LMTX on PD shows promise. And even then, Cogane and LMTX are not the cure. But they will slow down PD significanlty (maybe > 80 % reduction in progression).