Почему, черт возьми, не дать им некоторые Дош

why the hell not give them the dosh? worth a punt????

:laughing:Worth a try , i'm desperate now .
Got to be worth a closer look surely? Unless of course someones already had a look and are not saying anything......

Here is the scientific publication describing their work:

They have synthesised a compound which works as well as L-dopa in the MTTP neurotoxin mouse model. Not a major breakthrough but one that ought to be further studied..........
I have tried hard to understand the article, it appears that there is indeed some hope here. But once again it needs to go through the 'system' before it can be considered for PWP.

Well done for finding the article Bartobob, I couldn't find it.

Lets all wait and see. I hope the research is being scrutinised by other research organsisations.

As they say in Russia "Я надеюсь, что эта кровавая работ наркотиков!"
language Spam! there may be ladies present. talking of which, as the secret ingredient is the rare herb of the tundra - Rosemary - we might all smell nice too.
ps can anyone explain HOW it might work???
я не знаю, извините.
Они заблокировать исследователей в Кремле пока они не находят ответа.

(Loose translation.)