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I am newly diagnosed; I have been prescribed Half Sinemet as well as an anti sickness drug. Prior to diagnosis I was a shuffler and has relatively minor tremors. However, in the few short months I am now getting to feel out of sorts and my symptoms have gotten markedly worse. Due to Covid all of my follow up appointments have been pushed into 2021, I have no opportunity to see a PD nurse until late January 2021. Can anyone give me a few tips please as to how to deal with my worsening symptoms. My thanks

Norman C

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Finding out you have Parkinson’s affects everyone differently and some people go through a range of emotions - I’m truly sorry to hear that your symptoms have worsened over the last few months, I’m sure this has been very difficult for you.

We have a friendly and supportive community here so I’m sure you’ll hear from our members shortly. However, in the meantime, you can visit the newly diagnosed section on the Parkinson’s UK website which has a wealth of information that will be helpful to you including; advice on managing symptoms, the different types of help available to you and an introductory guide to Parkinson’s that you can download. You can find all this information here -

Our helpline and Parkinson’s local advisers are also here to answer any questions you have about your recent diagnosis and life with Parkinson’s. Our advisers would love to support you further to do give us a call us on 0808 800 03

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Hi Norman. It is very bad that you have to wait so long even to see a nurse. The advice on the PUK helpline is very good and I recommend it strongly.

What is your situation on exercise and physiotherapy? When I was diagnosed three years ago, my GP was able to refer me to the neurology physiotherapist immediately. Exercise is vitally important for dealing with PD. There are a large number of Parkinson’s exercise routines online. There are a few listed in this article to get you started: