Tourettes like behaviour

I have noticed that I have difficulty controlling what I say and often say things that I know I should have kept to myself. I seem to have lost a filter.

It gets me into trouble with my family and I am worried that I will say something inappropriate at work.

Is this part of Parkinson's or am I just a grumpy old man?

Hi Woolly

Might be possible side effects of meds maybe?  DA's like Ropinirole can cause impulsive behaviour.

Or alternatively it might be the fatigue and tiredness we're prone to with PD making you less tolerant.  I work in IT Support and have noticed that I get annoyed much quicker than I used to.....  much to the amusement of my colleagues as I vent my frustration either by eating my stress ball or head butting my monitor in exasperation.


I think it's just part of getting older!

Even before I had PD, I'd turned into a grumpy old woman (admittedly, I had previously been a grumpy young woman wink)

The anger and frustration that comes with PD is enough to make anyone swear. madmadmad

there is a way to control this.You have to train your muscles first so when the impulse comes you can control it.You gain control by doing things we fear and hate to do

My wife gets on my nerves and can be a problem.Well if i resond in a angry way i know I need to brush up some myself.So while I might have a intial response i spot I need to tie my tounge till cool heads prevail,lol

If you say things impulsively feel normal .Dr.Low founder of recovery Inc.says we all can expect to make mistakes which is good or we would never accompsh anythingWe will always have anger and fear(temper) the trickis learning how to suppress it when It come

PD or not everyone has a temper whether they will admit to it is another

Hi there,

If you’re taking cl-dl or angonists, this could be a sign meds can use some adjusting.

But I say f’ em if the family can’t take it…