Training for Manchester 10k

HI All

I've only gone and signed up for the Manchester 10k. Has anyone trained and run one of these? I'm wondering if there is anything i need to be aware of. I've been going regularly to the gym for the last 5 months, so have become more active, however I'm not doing any running.

I'm going to search online for a training plan, but just wonder if i need to be aware of any issues i may encounter linked to pd.

Any advice gratefully received.


I'm new to this forum but not new to Parkinson's or running.I've been running for nearly 40 years, had PD just over 10 years. Bit of a blip not long after diagnosis but I continue to run. I'm now 60 and ran about 45 minutes for 10K in September. So I'm replying more as a runner but one with PD.

I assume you've had the usual sort of checks with your GP to make sure there is nothing running could put you at risk for? I've just googled 'beginners running Manchester' and there are a number of groups - for absolute beginners.They might get a bit worried if you tell them you have PD but I'm sure your GP and neurologist would say it was a good idea so quote them. You don't say when the run is but you will need at least 3 months of running to be able to finish it in any comfort. Get a decent pair of shoes, because with PD we are a bit  lopsided - go to a specialist runners shop.If it goes well with your beginners group then look for a club - some may suit you better than others so ask around.

My running has been brilliant for helping me cope with PD (in fact miraculous) but I was a runner first. You will need to increase your training but  very gradually and it will be very uncomfortable at first but you will get to a point when you stop feeling every aching muscle and rasping breath and start to enjoy it! 


Thanks very much for your response. I'm 37 now, but use to run in my mid teens, and did a 5k about 4 years ago. I'm going to the gym twice a week and have been for 6 months so am fairly fit. i was diagnosed 1 yr ago.

I have bought new trainers based on my running stance/foot. so will brake them in soon. The run isn't till May, and i'm seeing my pd nurse early Jan, so will discuss my training with her.

I'm just looking online now for a good training plan, so that, as you say i have a comfortable run. I want to enjoy it as well as cross the finishing line

Thanks again for your advice. i'll keep you posted on the progress.

Good luck Girlred!

I managed two 10k races in the second year after diagnosis. On both occasions I had a patient & encouraging friend running with me. Both of these races I had done before pre Parky days. In fact, at one of them I got my 10k PB .... That race now has my PW!  ( personal worst! ) But just managing to get to the finish line was brilliant.

I hope the training is going well. Keep posting your experiences. I, for one, will be very interested :-)

Yep, I've got a "patient and encouraging" mate who I do a lot of training with. PD or not regular club runs or  training partner make t so much easier to keep to a schedule.

I've started running more regular. 1 gym session with a run on the treadmill, then i attempt another 2 runs outdoors each week. Though this has been difficult, aching feet, legs and lack of sleep has hindered me in the last month. I find the Parkruns on a Sat are really helpful, a great way of doing a 5k race. I've hit a bit of a brick wall i find 5k ok when racing but difficult when running on my own. My 0 to 5k training i completed and felt confident. its now the next bit. i want to have completed a 10k distance before the run, but im struggling to find a good plan and the legs to do it.

Hope everyone elses running is going well


I too have just started taking part in the park runs. I've only done two so far but find the distance doable, there is a nice friendly atmosphere that is not too competitive ( although it does encourage a little competitive spirit in me!) and cake & chat afterwards. What's not to like?! Some days I feel like I can run like I used to. On other days my legs are heavy & tired, I have a big toe that behaves as it's on Viagra, and running seems very difficult. The combination of following a simple training plan, rest, good diet & hydration along with deep tissue massage & Pilates really helps me. However, I work 4 days a week & that can result in being too tired to exercise. It's difficult to find the right balance.


Don't check the forum as much as I used to. People are impressed by my times but I'm retired.Ms O. works 4 days a week and runs - my turn to be impressed!

I came to the forum though following the London Marathon. I'm sure their were plenty of Parkinsons charity fund raisers running but with 22,000 running there is a chance somebody with PD completed it. I would be interested in their story if there was.

Hi Guys


I'm struggling with my training, due to the symptoms pd. The right leg starts to struggle around about 4.5/5k. So the left leg is moving the rest of the body wants to carry on but the right leg is having none of it. I've got my 10k run on the 18th May and would really like to run most of this race. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I have to point out that i would be reasonably confident offering advice on running (40 years on) less so about the Parkinsons side of things (10 years) but I would suggest taking advice on timing of medication firstly. Also of course there is physiotherapy (go to a sports specialist though) and sports therapy (usually massage I think) but that is £30- £40 a time! My training runs are usually not more than 50 minutes and I do not race more than 10K. I was diagnosed 11 years ago and I have no reason to suppose there is anything special about me, so you should be able to do 10K and enjoy it. I have to say though there are some times in a race when the PD is holding me back but other times when I, well, feel I haven't got it at all. From a running point of view maybe you simply have not done the training needed. Also, do you just do steady runs? If you do speed sessions or hill sessions it might help with maintaining your running form. It would take a while to explain those sessions but I could if you want or if you know of a club locally somebody there would  help I'm sure. Presumably you have this race  targetted but another option is simply find a shorter dstance race (e.g."Park Run" is all over the country and is over 5km, and you míght be able to move on to 10K from  there.Would love to know if any of that helps.

I've replied on another thread.

Hello Runner

I'm happy to report that since my last message i have managed to run 10k, it took 1 hour and 5 mins! There was some running, walking, jogging, limping and back to running.

I've been jiggling my meds a bit regards to timings which should help, but you know this parky, it does it own thing, i'll soon know when i wake up the morning of the race.

I'm now starting to look forward to it.

My next concern is what challenge i set myself next.

That's great! I did a 10K at the week-end with about 640 finishers and that time would have put around 100 behind you. However my experience is that you go a lot faster in a race even if you're not racing, if you see what I mean. I don't train for much more than an hour and ! don't race more than 10K. Your next challenge? Find yourself a club then you will quickly find  new challenges, not necessarily racing. Other runners who know of my diagnosis are very admiring but most of the time when I am running, for me it doesn't feel like I have it at that moment. That is why I would encourage it.

Hello Girlred,

sorry I've been absent for a while. Heard on radio today that it's the 10 k tomorrow!! So wishing you lots of luck :-). 


Not sure what time the race starts but let us know how it went. It is really good to know there are others out there who are running with Parkinsons.

Hey There

Sorry not been on for ages. Only just seen your lovely comments Runner and Ms Overall. The run was great, really hot but took on plenty of fluids. Legs were very tired right from the start but i just kept going. Some walking was required, but i finished it in 1 hour 1 min and 51 secs! so very proud of myself! Amazingly i've managed to raise just over 2k for Parkinsons. I'm thinking of doing another 10k in Sept!

Hope you guys are both doing well


Well done Girlred, brilliant! The running & the fund raising!!

I've lapsed a little of late. Got a bit disheartend at my local Parkrun a few weeks ago. But I know that some days I can run well & others are just so much more difficult. Anyway, trying to build up a bit of stamina using the treadmill & HIIT podcasts. ( high intensity interval training ).