Travel insurance for 82 year old with Parkinsons/Melanoma/High BP

Hi Everyone! This is my first post, and it's about my dad who is 82 yo, has Parkinsons and a history of melanoma and high BP.

He's agreed to come and visit me for 10 days over the NY period, but I need to find insurance for him. It seems to be a minefield - there's insurance for over 75s, then there's insurance for those with medical conditions, and if you combine the two, one insurance company quoted me 2500 GBP +!!! for a 10 day trip!

Can anyone recommend an insurance company that will take into account that yes, my dad has Parkinsons, but he's still walking without aids and feels good enough to travel on holiday.

Thanks so much in advance!



sorry forgot to mention, he's going from Uk to Qatar and returning to Uk - all for 10 days