Travel insurance for undiagnosed condition

I went to see my neurologist on 23 February. I have not been diagnosed, as yet, with PD. Because there is an undiagnosed condition I cannot now get travel insurance. Does anyone else know about this problem or what I can do about it?

Hi John

I managed to get travel insurance from Nat west bank Pre dx with PD even thought I informed them I was awaiting dx and there was no additional cost. My husband has a gold account with them that was the what made me contact them and it only cost £70 for platinum cover for both of us which was also worldwide for one full year.

Not heard from you for a while how are you doing?


Have you tried Unique in Wakefield. 0800 5610143.

Parkinsons UK is an introducer to this company.

You should not be discriminated against for  Parkinsons  by travel insurers, unless you have difficulty swallowing, or are prone to  falls, which is unlikely with such a recent   possible diagnosis of maybe P.

These are the 2  questions that we are asked when we renew our travel insurance every year.

Just the same for motor insurance as long as you have disclosed this to the DVLA your premium should not be affected.

Maybe the problem is that it may not be P, but another similar condition, and that is why, until you get a definite diagnosis, it will not be possible to insure you.  Perhaps the neurologist could help by saying that is is probably Parkinsons.

May I ask why you have not been diagnosed yet? If it is because you are awaiting tests then that is another reason for insurance being declined.