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My husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2020, he was otherwise fit and well and he responded brilliantly to medication. He drives, spends alot of time outdoors and is generally very fit indeed. So fit that only our very closest family know about his condition. We are retired and love to travel. Last year I went to ALL CLEAR for our annual worldwide policy as other companies had given higher quotes for his health condition. I have no medical conditions other than slightly raised cholesterol which requires a statin every day.
When I went to renew our policy today I was disgusted to learn that the underwriters of All Clear have said that Parkinsons can no longer be covered by their policies. I was outraged. If Parkinsons sufferers are unable to get insured how can they possibly be able to lead a normal life. I think Parkinsons UK should be shouting from the rooftops about this divisive and unfair policy. Happily I think I have now found another company but All Clear had the reputation and based all its advertising around ensuring that people with pre existing conditions should be able to live life to the full.

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We have had no problems in getting insurance despite my husband having Parkinson’s. We’ve used StaySure on the last and more recently Avanti both of whom have covered us for Parkinson’s.

I’ve arranged cover with Avanti - no problems.

My husband aged 80 has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for 18 years. We have no trouble with travel insurance and not much weighting. We are with Nationwide flex plus. We have travelled the world even with Parkinsons. I am writing this from Mexico. Time difference can be a problem with medication which has to be managed very carefully. Travel whilst you can . Do it now.
P S I was a member of this forum when it first started left it and now rejoined .

I agree with EnglishCountry dance, the Nationwide account is excellent. For £13.00 a month I get family world wide travel, Car breakdown through the AA and Mobile Phone insurance for 12 months, I am 75 and my wife with PD and just coming up to 70, it cost an extra £158 to get the full cover. We went to see our daughter of Christmas in the states and My wife needed treatement for a chest infection, the Nationwide were excellent in giving support.

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I’m assuming you need a nationwide bank account for this?

Yes you do, Flex plus A/c. My wife neede a hospital visit including an ambulance. She was only in for a few hours with no treatment but lots of tests !!! The bill was just short of £ 9k ( yes 9k ) but Nationwide were exellent in giving me support.

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Thank you!!!