Travel insurance

Hello everyone,

I am looking for travel insurance to go to the British Virgin Islands early next year. Because my Husband has parkinson’s the prices are coming up from £400-£600 for 2 wks. If I don’t admit the parkinson’s the costs are about £160…how unfair is this?

Can anyone please tell me any insurance companies that do not up the prices because of parkinsons?

I have been on holiday many times and have allways told them that I have PD when you look at the questions they ask I just think they charge is what state your PD is at. don’t quote me on this though. The best we found but you have to go on their hoildays were Saga as they do their own insurance with their holidays but to go with them you also have to be a certain age. All you can do is keep trying and find which suite you best, but I know Insurce companys do charge but its to big a risk not to have any… Just another thing a lot of people use there Banks insurance do check if you use Banks insurace a friend of ours thought his coverd for every thing but the illness he had on hoilday (heart attact) was not coverd by the said insurance.

One Which recommended provider is AllClear. We’ve not used them in earnest yet but they just quoted us 400 for 7 days in Spain staying with friends with just medical cover, or 800 staying in a hotel with everything covered. That is for 2 people, me with PD who they weren’t really bothered about, and my terminally ill wife. I can’t believe my PD contributed half the premium. It might be worth checking their website.

My husband and I have annual travel insurance, excluding USA, with Saga for £500. My Parkinsons didn’t increase the amount but my husband’s high blood pressure and cholesterol did.

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I’ve used Insure & Go for years without complaint. They’ve only charged a little extra for my PD. However, just went to renew my annual policy to learn Parkinson’s is no longer accepted in respect of an annual policy. So I went for single trip, which is for 5 weeks to Australia. It came out at £109 which I thought was fair. You need to shop around, it is an ever-changing market!

Travel insurance can be a real headache, especially when you’re dealing with something like Parkinson’s. It’s crucial to find a policy that’s got your back, especially if you’re planning some epic adventures (or even just a chill vacay). As for business class flights, hey, who doesn’t wanna fly like a boss, right? But let’s get real, the real MVP here is making sure you’ve got the right coverage in case anything goes sideways. So, my take? Splurging a bit on that upgrade might be sweet, but investing in solid travel insurance? That’s the real game-changer. Keep exploring, stay safe, and have a blast out there!