Travel insurance

My husband is waiting for a diagnosis.

We want to travel abroad. Can anyone recommend an insurance company that could insure him?

We wish to travel to Australia for 2 months to visit our family.

Thank you.

I hear Avanti are good. But I’d advise you to get at least a couple of quotes. Always
be honest about medical conditions. Your choice as to whether you want these conditions covered. Have a great holiday. I have been to Australia a number of times, you’ll enjoy it. New Zealand is also worth a visit [I used to have a travel business].
Best wishes

Thanks for that……… I will take your advice.

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I have used Avanti for Australia cover 12 months ago and for other trips. There seems to have been a shift in policy with annual policies not being offered to those with PD, only single trip policies. But Avanti at least offer something reasonably priced and have been ok to deal with.