Travel Insurance

Just been refused travel insurance as I have PD. Anyone out there know of a company that's more understanding ! I'm nearly 53 and was diagnosed at 50 ! Probably a far safer bet than someone 23 going on a binge holiday.......come to think of it maybe not !!

Hi, don't understand why you have been refused travel insurance.
Parkinsons in itself is not a life threatening illness.
We have traveled a lot over the years, mainly to Australia and have never had any trouble getting insurance.Unless you have made a previous claim you should pay normal rates.
I suggest you try other insurance companies. Let us know how you get on.
Best of luck
Hi Anesel

Nope only claim a few years ago but policy re-newed twice after that. My better half was talking to them and PD was mentioned and the insurane withdrawn. Glad you have no problem so I willtry some new companies.

Thnx Tony
Hi try Virgin, I've just got travel insurance through them.
Hi Tony

I am insured for a holiday in Portugal in September with Rothwell & Towler – tel 0845 90 80 171. All they wanted to know was how my condition was compared to a year ago. I could honestly say it was better as I am now on medication and I didn’t have to pay any extra premium (I think they are not allowed to charge extra but am not sure about this) although my husband did pay extra for his high blood pressure.

Best wishes.
Last year not long after my dx. I rang round loads of travel insurance companies and in none of them was Parkinsons a barrier. The questions I have been asked relating to PD were was there any change in the past year, difficulty with swallowing or hospital admission. The question about any change in the past year is a bit daft when you've only just been dx. as obviously you would not gone to see a neuro if there had not been a change in your as yet undiagnosed PD. So I decided the answer was no.
I have found age more of a problem than the Parkinson's (I am 68)and I did a fair bit of shopping around at my last renewal. I have an excellent annual policy with Esure (0845 600 3950). They loadeed the premium by a very small amount (£7.50 as I recall)in response to a few simple questions answered honestly. Total cost was a few pounds over £200 for a couple, worldwide, trip length of up to 45 days. Highly recommended and no professional conection with them!
Hi All

Thanks very much for the information. I shall follow your suggestions. Portugal in 4 weeks insurance or not. Always feel better with the warmth of the sun !!

My travel insurance leapt up in August from about £80 to £180 for no reaon at all that I could ascertain. It may indeed have been an error but then I went through Staysure who specialise in getting insurance for the over 50's and they quoted me insurance
from Travel Insurance Medical (who specialise in people with pre-existing medical conditions) for between about £70 to £80 depending on the level of cover which bearing in mind I have just passed another goalpost by becoming 70, is cheaper insurance for European annual cover than I was paying ten years ago - pays to shop around these days. I might add that I have found that some companies who claim to specialise in over 50's are not even competitive never mind cheaper.
Hi travel insurance..for some time now even when travelling independantly to France with the car..and two trips to the U.S.A. I have used that well known over fifties company that begins with S.. and many pseudenoms
like sex and games for the aged no proplem and not silly pricewise
I have lived with P.D.for several years now my wife occasionally gets anaphalactic shock .we have recently been out to the U.S.A. for over a month no fact one of the women in our group had suffered a slight stroke some weeks earlier and she was still covered out there there are companies who will insure you at a reasonable rate I think it is as mentioned in other posts the
proviso is that you declare all pre existing medical conditions

Cheers ian (M)
I am confused (not unlikely)mWe took out travel insurance when travelling in Europe in the 80's. My understanding was that this cover continued indefinately
Hi Annebernadette

Yes I'm afraid you are probably a bit confused. I guess you are thinking of European Health Insurance which, in effect, gives UK citizns travelling in Europe the same healthcare as the locals. This is a long way short of proper travel insurance. Also, although certificates were granted for quite a long period they have now been replaced with a credit card type of certificate so you would need to update.
thank you for that info Ken 13
Aren't there suggestions on this site for travel insurance?

Worldwide Travel if memory serves. I have a list somewhere, will contribute.
Hi all

This thread is a couple of years out of date and I was wondering if anyone had more recent experience of obtaining multi and/or single-trip insurance?

I've just book a flight to visit friends in the USA and its been a while since I last travelled so I am probably a bit out of date with my info. A quick look via Google has produced a vast number of responses so I would rather go with informed views from Forum members if possible!!

Thanks in advance for any/all replies.
Hello everyone,

I think if you ring the helpline that they can give you the insurance information you need. When I was involved with our branch we were given cards for travel insurance and I think it is the same one they use for all events and meetings for the branches. We used them and they were very helpful I just don't remember the company so do ring the helpline as I think you will have no problems at all.
best wishes