Hi I have had parky now for two yrs and in this time have not flown . I am shortly going to the USA as I am very anxious about flying my doc has given me Diazepan to calm my nerves but I get travel sick . Does anyone know what I can take to help that is ok to take with my drugs . I currently taker Rasagaline  1 mg once a day . So I will also be taking a Diazepan before I fly . The Doc has given me Prochlorperazine  as I had a recent bout of Bppd vertigo which has now gone but I did not take as reading on a website was one of the wort meds to take . Hope you can understand my babble . Your help in this would be great .  

Hi Sparky. I find that crystallised ginger helps with travel sickness and it is quite safe to take with your drugs. Just chew a couple of lumps every half hour or so during the flight. I have had Parky's for five years now during which time I have flown several times, the last time being to northern Finland last February. However, flying to the US will involve crossing several time zones which will necessitate adjusting the timing of your medication. I have never been out of Europe so I suggest you seek advice on that.

Enjoy America!


Were u a good flyer b4 Parkinsons?

If its post PD I can relate that i have flown twice .. 3 hrs ish to Spain.. I got a bit stressed my lack of foot room , proximty of people etc: ... 1 thouht ..get an aisle seat .. go to loo for the exercise!

I took books,games,mobile with music on ... and took a Beta blocker

and the hols were great !

Andy- ojalahey