Travelling abroad

Can anyone give me tips on travelling overseas with my husband.  He is not good is strange places or situations but we want to go to Boston to visit our daughter and granddaughters.  The flight home is a night flight which also brings problems with the medication.  What can I do to make it easier and calmer for him bearing in mind I have never lflown before and am scared myself.

Hi Andrea Jane

We book valet car parking, so no buses etc with suitcases, simply drop car off very close to airport doors and then minimum distance to check in baggage.

The only way I can even start to think about getting on a plane now is knowing I can have a wheelchair through airport at both ends of journey. Otherwise I freeze in queues and crowded places. Book special assistance with your flight, no extra charge. They will speed you and any companion through all the checkpoints. Also, if you need it, they will provide a lift onto and off plane rather than using the stairs.

Sorry, can't help with advice about long distance night travel.

Don't worry. There are always other people with broken legs or severe disabilities needing even more help!



Look at airport lounges calm places to relax before your flight. costs 25.00 to around 40.00 each dependant on airport. includes drinks and snacks so evens out cost a bit as drinks expensive in airports.  research on line they do have special offers might be a worthwhile treat for a first flight.  good luck

They say that for any transatlantic/long haul flight to adjust your watch to the time of your destination and eat and sleep accordingly.I would suggest the same for medication but you may want to seek the advice of your neurologist regarding the best option. On a night flight he well may sleep for most of it and the meds may then not be so problematic.

Hi Andrea Jane,

We have an information sheet that's free to download, with hints and tip from people affected by Parkinson's who have been overseas. 

I hope this helps, and all the best for your trip!

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