Travelling to oz

I’m off to Oz in September and I’m after advice on taking my meds at the same time , just not sure what to do with the time zone difference and should I be aware of taking my meds into Oz what with immigration at the airport … Xxx

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You will probably need professional advice for your specific meds.
If you are on 3 times a day, I would take 2 on the way out due to the 8 - 10 hours difference and 4 times on the way home.
The requirements for traveling with meds keep changing so you will need to ckeck the Australian gov website or a travel medicine doctor.
You will need a letter from your doctor listing your current meds although I have never needed to show mine. Current prescriptions will help if you need more proof.
Carry your meds as hand luggage as checked luggage does get lost. There are restrictions on the number of aerosols (asthma) you can carry on board.
I did have trouble at one airport because my Asthma ‘spacer’ looked too much like a bottle on the scanner.

It’s a long trip but worth the effort.

Thanks Jim, I only take 1 dose aday at 8 am … Do I stick with GMT or switch over to OZT ??! X

Hi @Angela,

You may also find useful information on how to prepare for your trip on our dedicated website section offering advice about holidays and travel. Among other things, it talks about how to prepare your medication and paperwork for travelling, how to time your medication while on holiday and offers lots of other practical information.

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Thanks mara, that link was most helpful xxx

I travel to the USA quite frequently to visit family and have found that it is easiest to start making the adjustment to medication times 5 or 6 days before I travel. This means I’m not trying to cope with jet lag and meds adjusts all at the same time. Although inconvenient I always take all my medications in my hand luggage on the outward journey (including about 7 days more tablets than I need). I always take a copy of my latest repeat prescription details with the medicines in case I need to produce it at immigration or customs (so far nobody has asked to see it).
Hope that helps. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks for that sue, I’ll have a go closer to the time xxx