Travelling to USA


i am shortly travelling to the USA and am unsure how to adapt my meds times which are taken 4 times daily,as the US is 5 hrs behind.  Any advice will be appreciated.


Hi jiveace,

When I have flown, I have adapted my med schedule so that on the plane it is half-way between the two timezones. However, I had only one lot per day.

Maybe in your case you should plan your flight day to be 29 hours long, and take your medication 5 times that day.

OR, if they put the lights out such that you are to go to sleep early and they wake you early the next day, then make the next day the day you take it 5 times.

Enjoy your trip!

Hi jiveace , 

I have flown a few times on long haul flights from London .  I start at Aberdeen which involves a change at London .  I take meds 5 times a day so I time them for the flights basically .

I always get a seat next to the toilet for the seven to ten hour flights .  I make sure I can walk OK boarding and then leaving the plane at arrivals . .I can afford to delay the meds as  long as I can shuffle to the toilet. Then I make sure I take a dose about an hour before landing .

This usually works for me apart  from unexpected delays at times . My walking stick usually allows me to be fast tracked in big queues , especially at JFK airport .Then if all else fails I just request wheelchair assistance .

The time delays are easily adjusted to I find by the second day . Enjoy the experience .