Travelling with Parkinson's

hello my name is darrell
I am 61
I have had Parkinson’s now for 18 months
I have trouble travelling to places
since I got Parkinson’s I get anxiety with the thought of going out on a long journey
I have constipation one of the symptom of Parkinson’s
I take laxido at the moment 4 sachets a day
so I don’t know what time of day I would go and how many times I would go if any so this makes it hard for me to travel in case I want to go and have know where to go
this then makes my anxiety start to get out of control
I was planing to go on a journey this weekend which would have been a 3 hour journey but now I can’t because my anxiety due to Parkinson’s is out of control with the thought of it
is anybody have the same problems