Travelling with Parkinson's

hello my name is darrell
I am 61
I have had Parkinson’s now for 18 months
I have trouble travelling to places
since I got Parkinson’s I get anxiety with the thought of going out on a long journey
I have constipation one of the symptom of Parkinson’s
I take laxido at the moment 4 sachets a day
so I don’t know what time of day I would go and how many times I would go if any so this makes it hard for me to travel in case I want to go and have know where to go
this then makes my anxiety start to get out of control
I was planing to go on a journey this weekend which would have been a 3 hour journey but now I can’t because my anxiety due to Parkinson’s is out of control with the thought of it
is anybody have the same problems

I’m experiencing some of the same anxiety thankfully not the constipation right now. I’m newly diagnosed but symptomatic since 2020, and had fatigue since October 2009 with sudden onset whilst running training particularly hard, and up to that time getting pretty good. I planned cycle trip to Ireland delayed by lockdown I want to do this year. My solution is to persuade someone, probably my brother, to go with me. Its amazing to think only 5 years ago backpacking ion Chile, Malawi, Kerala, but that’s just the existent and unexpectedness of life I have to think, another rich experience (though easy to say for my still relatively able self). Did you go and get on oil Darrell and good to hear your thoughts on this, Mark