Trazodone may be beneficial to us in recent study

I don't think anybody has pasted this link to the new BBC report yet.

I would be very interested​ to​ hear anyone's experience of taking Trazodone.



I Have been taking Trazodone for 5 weeks for depression. Interestingly, I had 10 days where my PD symptoms were much better than usual, but now back to normal again.

Not sure of any effect on depression yet

Thanks buddie.

I tried self medicating with Trazodone - ordered some tablets online.

I started with half x 100mg but didn't react well to them. I remember struggling to get up the stairs within 1/2 an hour and could hardly get undressed.

I left for a few days then tried a quarter tab a few times but didn't notice any benefits so gave up on them.

I take azilect 1mg once a day in the morning and 4 x 100mg co-beneldopa through the day.