Treating my wife for Parkinson's

I have been successful in treating my wife for Parkinson’s. My daughter told me to share my success on a newsgroup somewhere so someone else can try what worked for me. I first got an elliptical trainer for my wife. This helped her PD symptoms a lot. However, she still had symptoms. So, I spent days on the computer researching what has worked for others. I decided to do them all. I am also treating her with Terazosin, 40 hz sound and light synced to the sound. Of course the exercise continues. She no longer has any symptoms. She started with her left arm/hand tremor as well as her jaw. The hard exercise on the elliptical exercise machine helped this a lot. I threw all the other treatments at her at once. She now has no symptoms. She is pretty happy about it as am I. We spoke about trying to isolate what did the job, but we both agreed that it was best to do nothing that might harm her. So, we listen to the 40 hz sound (at high volume) for several hours each day accompanied with the large LED array that I designed to be in sync with the sound. If you look up Terazosin and Parkinson’s you will see that it has been very good for those men treated with it. I decided to treat her with it because my intuition told me it would not harm her because she is female. I must mention that the 40 hz sound is at a high volume. I have no idea what level of volume is necessary. Parts of the house rattle. I am a retired electrical engineer so it was easy for me to get the light synced with the sound. 40 hz is a pretty low frequency sound. I replaced the woofers in my speakers with 12 inch woofers that had a 5 lb magnet and were capable of smoothly reproducing this sound at power. Small speakers will not do this.

I forgot to mention that my wife cannot tolerate levodopa. In some ways this may have been a good thing. It forced me to research ways of reversing the disease.

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Firstly my greatest respect to both of you in trying to find alternatives to L dopa. However Terazosin has not been trialled in treating Parkinsons and having read the paper the results are, in my view, tenuous at best. Most importantly there is a growing body of reasearch showing that there is a difference in response to drugs between men and women. What’s more women don’t get prostate problems and are therefore not in the data. So in their complete arrogance the researchers have assumed there will be no gender effects with the medications. God help us evidence based medicine…