Treating Parkinson's as an external enemy

It is understandable when faced with a condition such as Parkinson’s to treat it as a hated enemy, a tormentor imposing itself from the outside. I believe this type of thinking is unhelpful. Parkinson’s disease is part of you. This means you are not responsible for your Parkinson’s (just like you aren’t responsible for the fact you were born with two eyes) but it is present in you. If Parkinson’s is part of you, it follows that treating it as an enemy makes an enemy of yourself; hating it is a self-hatred. Accept that part of yourself and gain the choice of reacting to it in a helpful way. Be kind to yourself!

Hello Dr Johnny,
My view is slightly different, I consider parkinsons to be the enemy
within an actual entity who wrongly thinks hes along for a cosey little ride until
my end of days when BLACKHEART will perish with me, we both arein for a bruising
trip his pathetic attempts to bring me down when my physical strength is down to
4 or 5% is easily matched by the80% mental effort I use to combat Him, Oh im not
saying its easy, its very very hard to adopt a mindset which some times can hurt
loved ones, but this war has no happy ending, even the organ in which this evil
diseae lives is going to be sliced and diced,,ALL IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE OF COURSE

Hello Dr Jonny
I cannot say that I quite agree on your logic here. pd is an external enemy and it has invaded our bodies and is slowly taking over. Only one thing to do is to fight back and medication is only part of the fight. Self detemination is the other. Just be determined that you will fight this lousy illness until you can fight no more. We know that we will, at the moment, never win the fight, but we cannot afford to 'curl our toes up' without a fight. Let us all be determined to go down after a good fight. What say other forum members?

If its helpful to you to frame your fight with Parkinson's by treating it as an external enemy then that's fine. I just find that approach unhelpful. If Parkinson's is something external then its psychologically harder to control; its always just out of reach (more so than it is physically difficult to control). Also, when you break your arm you don't say that arm no longer belongs to me so why, when our substantia nigra breaks, do you say it doesn't belong to me? Parkinson's is part of my thrownness and as such comes within my sphere of conscious influence. If its treated as an external entity you end up fighting your own shadow. You can control that shadow better by seeing it as part of yourself.

Feel free to disagree!

dr jonny