Treatment in Spain

I live in Spain and was diagnosed with P/D about 4 years ago.
The treatment I have had has been terrific with my neurologist and nurse being available 24/7 either by mobile . or email.
I have had various medications from Sinemet to Stalevo, but am now firmly entrenched with Stalevo.

Unfortunately, I have reached my limit and within 2 or 3 days was tested for Apomorhine via an Epi pen with great success.

I don’t know how the UK works but I must say that the treatment here in Spain has been fantastic.

What area are you in please.
I am near Alicante and I feel I have b l to m own devices quite a lot.

It’s really good to hear you are happy with your treatment in Spain . I have PD and will be moving to Spain next year and have been concerned that I will still be able to get medical support and medication (although I also will be near Alicante so I guess it will vary by area similar to the UK.). Do you find you cope ok with the heat in summer. Does anyone know if Madopar is available in Spain.