I'd be very interested in others experiences with exercise (walking, swimming, gym, wii fit) diet and complimentary alternative therapies (massage, acupuncture, reflexology, quigong, yoga, meditation) and as to whether anyone has benefitted from adopting them.
Am also interested in diet and general good health.

Any recommendations on which vitamins and herbs people use
personally I find doing anything physical that I enjoy (for me yoga, karate, swimming, none of which I do at all well!)and doing it about every other day greatly improves my flexibility and balance. Yoga is partiularly pd friendly as you work to your own limits.
I take lots of supplements but under the guidance of a naturopath who did some tests to find out what I am deficient in. Apparently PD stops us absorbing nutrients well. There are some herbal remedies that you can only easily get via a naturopath.I can't single out specific pills that 'work' it seems to be the whole package that ensures my body has what it needs to keep brain cells healthy etc.

You might be interested in John Coleman's book 'Stop Parkin start livin' or the work of Geoffrey and Lucille Leader. They are keen on nutrition and exercise as part of the keep well package for pd and are very readable.

As a byproduct my immune system seems very strong these days. I fight off the usual colds etc really quickly. Also have energy, good skin and thick glossy hair. If all else fails will enter myself for Crufts!
Yoga and pilates for balance, flexibility, core strength and mental well-being. Nordic walking (the one with 2 poles which push off like ski poles) for posture, spine flexibility, aerobic exercise and length of stride. Dancing is also good for Parkies - some say the tango is the one to go for but I go to Zumba which I enjoy. Some people find cycling, especially at a forced rate lessens their symptoms. People can often cycle or run better than they can walk.
Thanks both
hiya ,i think diet is very important anyway ,but me havin dibeities it has to be watched ,but with pd,i think like caffene we got to be careful with ,and serton foods that are stodgy ,cus of constipation and swollowin probs spuds not mashed and toast etc.and exercise,well by now u no im sports minded anyway ,carnt do it no more apart from go to the gym with me care doin the exercises programe through the gp system,but i find goin there still is good for the brain ,not just the body.i slso goin to go to a 10 corse therpy intensive therpy ,it starts in january ,in birmingham,i went for my induction and they did a bit of the therpy to show me,and it is very very good,weas u out big time,but they would not do it unles it not help u,its for people with ms as well,i carnt wait,and u meetin new people as well,which agin is a good thing to ,so diet,exercise and meetin people stimulats u i think.good luck to everybody who is tryin any thing to help them selfs,exercise or watchin there diet,and keep it up,do u good x:smile:
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Oh what joy!
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Keep it up rozzy boy.
We wont miss you.
Stop it , both of you!
Ray, Ali fought tooth and nail for you when you were suspended.
Ali, Ray has cared about you for years and given you much support.
Both of you are ill - - you have Parkinson's and many problems.
It breaks my heart to see you taking it out on each other.
I and many others care about you both.
Fight this condition and all its accompanying horrors together, not each other.
Promise that 2012 will be a year of kindness even when you are hurting?
Love GG

I apologise unreservedly. That was unnecessary, and 100% my fault.


Thank you Ray.
And a merry Christmas to you and Ali and all the truobled souls who use the forum.
Here's to a peaceful 2012 and may it bring the research breakthrough that will ease all anger, frustration and suffering.
Love ,GG
Hi Goldengirl,

This is my wish too!
Hope, peace and at last, dear God, a breakthrough!

I have recently been dx and am taking natural supplements homeopathy yoga and acupuncture; I try stretching every day but get quite a bit of cramp- all natural stuff helps. Have read about tibetan herbs but not sure?
was thinking to ask for mucuna pruriens? -a more natural med?
Can one qualify for speech therapy as some long words or groups of words are hard to pronounce and singing voice seems impaired?
Hi Davech,

Having returned from a consultation with my Neurologist I am smiling as I recall the expression on his face and his words 'the movement is very good,' while he put me through the usual walking and hand co-ordination exercises used to ascertain progression in PD.

More than this, he seemed amazed that, I have not needed the use of thermal underwear as in previous years, my general all round improvements, and accordingly with encouraging words, almost insistent, that I continue with my evening exercise routine I developed towards decompression, alignment and health of the spine.

And finally, while not apparently moved by the mention of the Borage and Coconut oils I take, he noted down the fact that I made no request for medication previously taken to relax the cramps, and I was very pleased when he wrote to prescribe Stalevo at various strengths; to accommodate the fluctuating requirement levels, providing me with the ability to adapt the dose to suit physical need.


While I realise it may not work for everyone, for those interested, the exercises I developed are described here.

As I see it, the whole point of view behind these exercises in decompressing the spine, is that by helping to maintain the full surface area and volume of the central nerve system, it is counteracting the muscle contraction aspect of PD that eventually closes everything down. It has improved my quality of life beyond doubt and hopefully is buying me some time, while assisting towards maintaining a level of fitness that I hope will mean that the medication aspect can be maintained on an even keel as well.

Only time will tell upon whether there is any lasting aspect in combating the cell damage and deficiencies to arrest or reverse PD's advance (and I still view that the oils I take are assisting in the whole process of my improved well being).

Fleur on speech therapy I think it depends on your area, there is a national shortage I am told, they referred me for ST in August due to minor swallowing difficulties and because the volume of my voice keeps going on me. Rang awhile back to see what happened and was told not priority as choking problems top of list (fair enough) but they contacted end of last week to say they will come out this week so fingers crossed PD nurse referred me initially. Hope this helps :grin: