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Has any one found that the medication thay are taking or any exercise or anythig helped control a tremor in the hand.I am newly diagnosed and not on any medication at the moment.
Silver spoone
Hi Silver Spoon

I find low-dose Mirapexin to be a great help in reducing tremor although, it has to be said, it doesn’t suit everyone.
My (minor)hand tremor recently stopped. I could not work out why.

Then on here I came across the Parkinson Improvement programme (run by a non medic see here: )where they outline that a stomach bacterium called Helicobacter pylori can make parkinsons symptoms worse.

Then it dawned on me that the tremor stopped just about the time I had to take some very strong antibiotics for another medical condition.

I think it is very possible that I had this bacterium, the antibiotics killed it and hence tremor stopped/improved.

Some people on here are doing the Parkinsons improvlemt programme (PIP) Noone can tell you what you should do but I find it very interesting what happened to me in the light of what they say.

I am going to do the PIP myself and will be interested to see what they say re my tremor stopping.
Hello silver Spoon. When first diagnosed,I found regular Tai Chi helped me on several levels. It helped balance and coordination, relaxation and gave me a general sense of well-being. The social contact is a pychological boost. I can't say it took away the tremor, but it made me less aware of it and gave me hope.Qi Gong is also beneficial.
To Lily,Summerskye and Genevieve thanks for replying.
To kill any bacteria I may have, I am going to start a course of Actimel when I can get to Tescos to get some as It seems to be cheep there, and fish oil to see if they help,also I attend my first Tai-Chi class at my local PD group tomorrow. I started the group last week so as you can see I am desperate searching for help and answers, all help appreciated.
hello,silver spoon,
I am sorry that I cannot be of help. I have yet, some 2.5 years after dx to find anything that controls my left hand tremor. I am interested in the fish oil idea. I shall watch this space with interest
Best wishes
There seem to be two componnts to my tremor.

One is dopamine deficiency for which the regular PD medication helps.

The other is my emotional state. If I am watching a film with action sequences interspersed with patches of dialogue my tremor comes and goes in direct response to the amount of action on the screen. This has ruined any aspirations that I had to become a world class poker player.

My neurologist has precribed a beta blocker Propranolol to combat the stress component of the tremor and this seems to be helping.
Hello Silverspoon

My first symptom, that I noticed, was my right hand flopping around like a fish out of water. It would start when my hand was at rest or hanging by my side. I controlled it by gripping a small nerf ball. But that could be embarrassing, holding a pink nerf ball all the time. Finally, the second neurologist I went to put me on amantadine, which caused no noticeable change in my condition, so he prescribed a combination of amantadine and mirapex and like magic, the tremor disappeared and, for the most part, has remained mute. The only side effect I have is tiredness with mid afternoon exhaustion, but a 15 minute nap helps take care of that. His prescription improved my life alot.
Hi wpgchap,Thanks for the posting it realy perked me up knowing some one has found a medication to help with a tremor I was beginning to think no one had found help.