Tree of Life Herbal Treatment

Has anyone on here heard about the South African ‘Tree of Life’ herbal treatment alleged to improve symptoms? It’s a liquid formula and they advise 1 5ml teaspoon twice a day. It’s quite pricey and I am quite sceptical but willing to give anything a go if it helps.

Hi @Welshlady ,

I would encourage you speak to your GP and/or Parkinson’s nurse about any treatments including herbal ones. There is no information about this on the Parkinson’s UK website or on our blog. Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation on the internet about Parkinson’s and various “treatments” that can supposedly help improve symptoms, however, we would encourage people to reach out to their healthcare professionals before making any changes to their medications.

We are also always happy to answer questions about Parkinson’s research. You are more than welcome to contact the research team at: [email protected].

I hope this helps with your query. :blue_heart:
Best wishes,